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  *I think we should have a zombie mode in the menu that we click on and will work online. Also you should be able to use your indicators and windscreen wipers - GamerKiD2000xX [[User:GamerKID2000xX|GamerKID2000xX]]
  *I think we should have a zombie mode in the menu that we click on and will work online. Also you should be able to use your indicators and windscreen wipers - GamerKiD2000xX [[User:GamerKID2000xX|GamerKID2000xX]]
* I think there should be more of a variety over your person. You should be able to model them and when you want a different model go to a plastic surgeon. Same with online. You should also have a radio station that you put your own music from your xbox 360 or ps3. I don't exactly like many of the radio stations.06:03, September 10, 2010 (UTC)~~

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This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for Grand Theft Auto V - the next Grand Theft Auto game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat or respond to other people's suggestions. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.

Please note this is not an official Rockstar Games website, although we know they do sometimes read these wishlists.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

For previous suggestions, see archive1, archive2, archive3, archive4, archive5, archive6, archive7, archive8, archive9, archive10, archive11, archive12.

  • Assistants that you can call and they will back you up or pick you up.
  • Co-op, even on single-player missions.
  • Set in a kind of warzone maybe, like a rebel force attacking the US.
  • Planes, bring them back.
  • Basic car customisation.
  • Have one car automatically respawn at safe houses even when taken, this worked very well with horses for RDD.
  • Just more missions with alternate pathways, ie escaping a bank robbery you can choose to use a helicopter, to sneak out or blast through with a Patriot (hummer).
  • Plenty of random events.
  • Honour bar like RDD.
  • No pointless areas, we don't need random areas where no missions occur, it is a waste of disc space and developers time.
  • Player created missions, select certain points and what you have to do at them, ie go to location X and pick up Johny, then drive him to location Y and deliver the drugs, get ambushed and fight your way back to location Z. With a few character models and no cutscenes we can have virtually unlimited missions.
  • Less boring side missions, Red Dead Redemption has us picking flowers, come on Rockstar, your audience is pretty much hetrosexual males 15-45, think about it.
  • MMO, like in Red Dead Redemption but with more players.
  • Large scale "wars", a consistent battle between cops (and other law enforcement) and players all over the city.
  • Use some of the same buildings, no one cares at all if Rockstar uses old buidling models, it means more time for things like missions.
  • You should be able to like bake cuukies and stuffz and like put your hands in the ovens and get burned and then need like alo vera Gh3tto manz
  • Double teaming of girlfriends with realistic tapping buttons = further penetration
  • you should be able to lure kids into your vanz and stuff and kidnap them
  • sodomyz
  • not enough snuffing.
  • you should be able to like kill someone with cheese strings and stuffz
  • pets! you should have to have a petz you can walk and stuff
  • we needmore rim jobs... styll
  • GTA 5 should feature the four protaganists of the 4 current GTA IV era games (GTA IV, TLAD, TBOGT and Chinatown wars) meet and start a gang or something, and you can play as anyone of them or you can play co op online or locally with up to 4 players.with each player a different character TheManUtdFan
  • For the new grand theft that is coming out soon or later. well some my suggestion are that we should put a few new cars in it like a 2006 mitsubishi gallant called a intro my other car is called a 2010 ford taurus but i can't think of a name for it so if you have give me a suggestions Also, My favorite car i would for you to put in the game a porshe 911 and bugatti and a porshe cayenne. Also, could i give some new locations like you could got to different states like California, pennsylvania,so the game can be more adventerous and make it fun teens and other people that like gta games and thank you for everything. P.S if you don't the in just pick one if you can't do both
  • Rockstar. Can their be to mmain characters you can play as like how lost and damned is and the ballad of gay tony but put like put those two story together and have to main characters. thank u
  • You should be able to tag a vehicle, doing this would put it on your map so you will never loose it. It would be stored in memory banks, and spawn where you left it, but it can still be destroyed, and stolen. Bradley11896
  • Have your very own private jet with a driver, and be able to go to other gta cities. (vice city,liberty city, etc.)
  • be able to buy cars from dealerships and customize their color.
  • You should make it as realistic as you can.

Weapons that GTA 5 needs!

    • Dragon Sniper
    • FAL
    • AK-47
    • MP40
    • M4
    • .45 Defender
    • 92FS-9mm
    • Chloe's .45 Defender
    • Desert-5
    • Eddy's Golden Gun
    • P08-9mm
    • Wes-44
    • Micro-9mm
    • SAS-12
    • Moss-12
    • Pistole
    • RPG-7
    • M32-Hammer
    • Mk-NDI
    • Crossbow
    • Tranquilizer Dart Gun
    • GAU-19
    • Knife
    • Baseball Bat
    • Hand Grenade
    • Molotov Cockatil
    • Colt Python
    • Satchel Charge
    • Pipe Bomb
    • Browning
    • Double Barraled Shotgun
    • Land Mines
    • Chainsaw
    • Fork
    • Drill
    • Spoon
    • Axe
    • and more....

2095 01:26, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

  • The next GTA should have more emergency vehicles. Like a Battlion Chief Car, A ladder Truck, ELS Lights and better police cars with better handling and speed. Also bring back the Jobs.X101xEliteRngr
  • Can you please PLEASE! have an ending like Tommy Vercetti's where we had a nice big mansion, our businesses & our own gang. Thanks x Honey Vivi
  • Bring back the bicycle...!!!
  • Make much more of the random encounters that were first introduced in GTA 4-- make them into long stories full of adventure, meeting new people, and making decisions beyond the scope of the main storyline. Mobstar
  • Next should be set in BRAZIL! A excellent combo of favelas mixed with the beaches and decadent skyscrapers. Perfect for Gta ,so much contrast between classes (rich tourists, slum criminals and gangs, crooked cops, eccentric street people) Could include Carnivale , Kidnapping missions , a little bit of jungle action , Carribean islands as extra locations. the slums would be excellent ala City of God while also running with the dirty cops and drug dealers and whores. Set it present day. As usual have many ethnicities and cultures , eclectic latin/local music , new characters mincing with old favourites.
  • For Gameplay: Ability to enter most buildings/ cars have random levels of petrol and can run dry/more interaction with population/gang wars and enterprises/boats that can travel to private islands, have the player be able to hide out on selected island, more emphasis on energy levels , need to keep up with either good food or bad food and drinks/better cover system that more flexible/SEXY TIME!!!!/ability to download songs and have ipdo/personal playlist/Bohan17
  • gta v definitly needs to get san andreas back in to the grand theft auto world.they should actually bring all of them back . it would be cool if u could work for everyone that youve played over the years.
  • things you should have in the game PLEASE
  • make it kinda like a tony monntana game.scarface
  • recruit gang members more than just one
  • Mountain climbing, snowmobile jacking, and if you're any good at making waves, surfer jacking. Mobstar
  • An ability to choose the weather/season on which you play in,and it will also affect the story in little ways enough to interest a player to play through every weather/season. Poop copter
  • Introduction of basic stealth kills and movements,let's say crouching will lower a player's chances of getting spotted as he/she approaches a target person or place,suppressed weapons,quick takedowns,and most of all,being able to use darkness to the player's advantage. More diversity of weapons that will match a player's playing style,for example if he/she prefers the method of stealth,he/she can buy and use weapons that are suppressed,C4 plastic explosives. Poop copter
  • They should put in a mansion/house with a edit to put in a tv,vending mahcine, ect Noah Riley
  • I suggest that they can add more things on the in game internet.
  • Your car should gain wanted levels. And to get rid of them you have to re-paint the car and change the license plate numbers. GT King
  • Should add back attaching trailers to trucks. I remember playing San Andreas for hours going up the big steep mountain with the tracker trailer and running it off the top. Please bring this one back. For me, forever and always will be my favorite part of the GTA series.
  • If the next GTA main characters is Black Gangsta again, this game needs following new gangs:
  1. PETA-type people(loves to burns protagonist's favorite Fried Chicken restaurant)
  2. Arab Terrorists
  3. religious cults
  4. Cannibals(finds everyone and everything that made out of meat, including main characters tasty and their favorite musics is heavy metal, plus they finds earthly foods abhorrent)
  5. Nerds(highly intelligent people with glasses and eye makeup)
  6. and tons of other gangs based on cliques
  • Export cars anytime, like you could do in GTA 1 for some cash Modigar
  • the change headlights option (hold square) should be replaced with a Roof down/up option on convertibles and headlights should always be full beam at night.el sexbomb 06:04, September 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • The drug dealing minigame from Chinatown Wars was well thought out and balanced. It is also a good way to make alot of money. Please bring it back in GTA V
  • ability to walk into more buildings
  • lots more appearance options (far more clothes/hair/tatoos etc)
  • hijack planes
  • smaller online version???
  • Combine all the elements of the GTA Series.
  • All cars should be real with realistic damage, speed and handling. Top 10 fastest cars SHOULD be there.
  • M65{Davy Crocket(nuclear rifle)} or the M67(90mm recoil-less rifle)

Of course my fav. A.R. is the AK-47 S.M.G. is the MP5SD and Handgun would be the 1911 Long range rifle(sniper rifle) mosin nagant 7.62x54r(any of the years of production) should be there.

  • Bring back old charecters: Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson, Niko Bellic etc. Mabey some can be used to play as in the V. Riekus
  • Should be able to rob the 24/7s anytime, but high risk. Mobstar
  • The secret stash items that used to be pearls or pigeons or what have you, should be drug stashes which you can then sell, or hidden money. Mobstar
  • Children, yes i know no kids becuse of the 9/11 terror attacks but come on! Why don't you make them this way, kill some children (Like three or something if you accidentaly hit one over with the car or something like that), and it will result in terror alert with 3 star wanted level and the peds will attack you, and the cops will simply ignore civillians shooting/beating you.
  • Secondly, make it in a state again, not just a city on some islands, and don't make the map like a huge square for gods sake! And if you make a desert make it BIG, and don't make half the desert a restricted area and the other half an oilplant.
  • More EMS vehicles and Fire Vehicles. I have a lot of freinds take love to role play and more Fire and Ems vehicle would sell a lot more copies X101xEliteRngr
  • go to Vice city in the 80's but GTA 4 graphics with planes and be able to get drunk or even "get high on your own supply" plus dealing drugs would be cool too.
*bring back the planes, especially the older planes. alot more cars and classic cars too. should be able to picklock cars and disable car alarms. buy and sell cars. Also loads more bikes and bicycles. Bring back the garages at safe houses, this stops pedestrian cars from hittin cars saved outside safehouse. need more boats, and able to travel to other destinations such as countries, private islands. Put in snow, snow sets on floor and on cars and rivers should freeze over. Make window wipers active in rain and snow and have in car dashboard cam, i really like in car cams. able to customise cars and drop different engines into them. build your own cars like, get 2 cars and take bits off them to make your own car, this would be great with the classic cars and hot rodding them. more clothing, more buildings. Buy different safe houses just like San Andreas. Able to hook trailers on cars and trucks, such as caravans, oil tankers, boat trailers. 2 types of tow truck with working functions, 1 with tow hook, and 1 that is flatbed and you have to fasten the car on or it could fall off. Use of cranes again, and ability to drive trains, all vehicles are able to have dashboard cam. Thank you for taking the time to read this.Alex2127
  • Make a better map. San andreas has hilly billy plaes and mountains. I would like to have some veriety and not just city lol Sillyassmonkey
  • You need a silenced 9mm like in san andreas, you need kids that you can kill or kidnap, you can go all around the world, you need a katana, when you get prostitudes you should show they're breats, same thing with strippers, you need to bring all the weapons in all the series and bring them together plus new ones, you need bicycles, you need planes, you can enter any building, you can do more missions like the bankrobbing ones or the truck hi-jacking one, you can talk to anyone and you need co-op through the story lineSebimp
  • Dual wield anything you want Sebimp
  • I think there should be updated music for the radio stations via the internet. every day at least, so there is a great variety of never ending music. Thank you Rockstar:) Cmoney345
  • And I also think that they should put electric wheelchair in the game (at least 2). I am in a powerchair so no disrespect to the disabled peeps. Thank you! Cmoney345
  • Add more vigilante missions for paramedics, buses, police, helicopter, taxi/cab and ect. Cmoney345


  • Gta 5 Puting The Player As a Protagonist Infamous
  • A New Vehicles Called Posache,Burger Shot Truck,Mafia Getaway Truck
  • More Episodes Possibly Three Or Four
  • Use A Real Email Adress
  • See Rockstar Games Logo Anywhere In Liberty City
  • Carcer City Things Metioned Again
*I think we should have a zombie mode in the menu that we click on and will work online. Also you should be able to use your indicators and windscreen wipers - GamerKiD2000xX GamerKID2000xX
  • I think there should be more of a variety over your person. You should be able to model them and when you want a different model go to a plastic surgeon. Same with online. You should also have a radio station that you put your own music from your xbox 360 or ps3. I don't exactly like many of the radio stations.06:03, September 10, 2010 (UTC)~~