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Community:GTA V Wishlist/archive10/instructions

  • There are Pay Parking Garages Where you pay, $5 a day (you pay on exit) and the cars would not get fixed, and there would be a maximum charge (Say $200-500) Genetically Superior
  • Realistic car crashes / damage, criminals robbing shops and speed drive-with cops after them.. bulletholes/wounds where u hit Mr Smiley
  • Talk your way out of wanted level star? Sounds retarded now, but I guarantee people will use this option often Ff auto XXIII
  • To be able to travel between all previous GTA Cities (SA, LC, VC) by boat or plane without a loading screen, and the areas would still be as large and the look similar to what they were as individual games Stuart Wade
  • Set in San Andreas with possibility of visiting other Cities easily Stuart Wade
  • Where ever it is set let it be a really large open game, with different climates like GTA SA (Desert, Mountains, Forests etc) Stuart Wade
  • Different Emergency Services like Coastguard Stuart Wade
  • Like in other GTA's, let it be possible to see other criminals being chased/punished instead of just the main player Stuart Wade
  • When doing the Police, Ambulance or Fire Service Mini Games, be able to call in back up that will help and be able to join the back and follow them to incidents Stuart Wade
  • Be able to enter all houses instead of just safehouses and some others to steal from Stuart Wade
  • I know I've already submitted a few times, and this might've been suggested, but after you get three stars the police throw the tire spikes and you can get them too