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* i ment bring in realistic cars like midnight club! [[User:Chryslerperry10|Chryslerperry10]]
* i ment bring in realistic cars like midnight club! [[User:Chryslerperry10|Chryslerperry10]]

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This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for Grand Theft Auto V - the next Grand Theft Auto game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat or respond to other people's suggestions. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.

Please note this is not an official Rockstar Games website, although we know they do sometimes read these wishlists.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

For previous suggestions, see archive1, archive2, archive3, archive4, archive5, archive6, archive7, archive8, archive9, archive10, archive11, archive12.

  • It would be incredible if they made san andreas just like it was, but drastically improve the graphics. A bunch of cool missions, car customization, lots of cars (i liked all the ones in san andreas because it made it look real not haivng 5 of the same car lined up at a red light), planes of course, and a part of the map where theres open country and houses, not just maps full of business and packed streets, i wanna be able to open it up and go off road a lot. Also the ability to store more than 2 cars at you locatin, perhaps parking them on the lawn, as well as renting storage space or soemthing; thats the big thing for me, and not ahivng the car vanish when you walk a block away would be nice. plus when you do ahve to leave the car it spawns back at your house, like johnnys hexer in TLAD.
*the console versions should have the replay feature like the pc version has, even if you can only save 30 seconds it would be a start ChemicalBR0
  • It would be awsome if they had a new feature called "Bank Wars", similer to Drug Wars & Gang Wars in Episodes of Librtey City. I want it to be like the Three Leaf Clover misson in Grand Theft Auto 4 Where you rob a bank, fight off a couple wave of cops, lose the cops, then get your share of the money.
  • I would really love if Rockstar centralised the story and setting in a European city; such as London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Moscow, Warsaw, Dublin, etc. Just to offer something new. The Getaway Black Monday was a refreshing new idea, although what happened to The Getaway on the PS3 I don't know. Anyway, plus i'd like if they sorted the clone cars problem, you get in a car and suddenly every car around you is identical. Also i'd love trailers being able to connect to tractors like San Andreas.
    Car customisation and modification was also lacking in GTA IV, that would be a welcome return. Briank212

One of the things eveyone likes about the GTA games are the rampages you can randomly go on once you've completed all the missions or if you're just getting bored of being told what to do. I myself would like even more consequences for my actions, so here's my suggestion: If a player is caught by or dies to the cops while "wanted" I think it would be cool if instead of continuing from the front of a hospital, you the player are now in jail and have to make your escape. Which star level you are caught at will depend on what jail scenario you awake to, for example: caught at 1-2 stars let's say you wake up in your cell as all the prisoners are being let outside and you find the right time to escape or start a riot or something, while being caught at 5-6 stars you wake up in solitary where you've been working on a now finished tunnel and make your escape. Details are best left to the game designers this is just me spit ballin'. Other things that I would LOVE to see in GTA V are multiple cities and functional airports so you could fly from and to each one. And last but not least, since the whole GTA franchise has crossed the line already it'd be cool if the missions you choose eventually decide which crime path you pursue, such as: joining the mafia and working your way to the top (or even just staying as a hitman), joining a gang that wants control of the city and so on. No matter what the next GTA game is probably going to be awesome but with these suggestions, you've got the most legendary game ever.

  • In gta5 I would like to be able to buy cars from dealerships all over the map 5 on each island all different cars? Chop23
  • i think the game should add more fighting styles instead of one like gta san andreas where the player goes to a gym and learn a new fighitng style. They should add kung fu, taekwondo, wrestling, karate, ninjustu, judo, boxing, and capoiera ( or how ever u spell it) and more
  • This game should add these weapons- miniguns, bow and arrow, ray gun, mines, katanas, axe, machete, brass knuckles, flamethrower, fire extingwisher ( dont know how to speel it), wunderwaffle ( like the one in call of duty world at war), a ninja star, a spear, staff, and more.
  • I'm not to sure if this has been said but a massive safe house where you can store heaps of vechiles
    • I think a ferry could be cool eg. if you were to find the sultan rs and wanted to take it to the first island you could jump on the ferry and pick which drop off point and then like in the taxi you can pay more to skip or enjoy the view.
    • Bring back the planes and add more types.
    • You could get a job at the airport(add 1 on each island) and be the pilot of a small private plane then work your way up to a massive one. Chop23
  • Make it so trains can be stolen and de-railed just like in GTA San Andreas, and also add a lot of damage detail to the train so crashing and de-railing would look awesome, it would also be cool if they could have more than 1 train on the same track, so you could smash into another train causing havoc. Also it would be awesome if they had diesel trains pulling a load of coaches and some coaches could be filled with fuel so if shot it would explode. Bertwb
  • First off, we need car customization, wheels choices, colour choices and decals or racing stripes etc, window tints, ballistic armor, suspension and engine mods. You could have different engines to buy to install to any car, you could turn a beat-up old vigero into a rat rod sleeper, or perhaps turn a tow-truck into a 1/4 mile top fuel dragster. Then a few weapon upgrades for vehicles, like gta1 and 2, mines that can be dropped from the back of the car, or oil slicks, mounted flamethrowers or rockets behind the lights could be bought and installed. Then, when in vehicle you could simply hit 'tab' and a list would appear with various commands for the car, like, lights on or off, wipers on or off, convertable roof up or down, engine on or off, fog lamps on or off, doors locked or unlocked, seatbelts on or off, alarm activated etc. Then, we need a completely destroyable map, walls and buildings should be able to be flattened with the right fire-power, or when hit with a car. Other functions like a motor-home, enabling the player to save the game anywhere in the map, and a laptop so you can get internet anywhere. Also real estate, give us a few nice houses or buisnesses to choose from when we earn some money, as we have nothing to spend all the cash on. All the vehicles should have more functionality, forklifts should actually work, vehicle transporters should have operational ramps etc. Finally, a grappling rope and a foldable parachute, binoculars, thermal or night vision goggles. Si-cho
  • I want a minigun to gta5.
  • It should have more realistic destruction like in Red Faction Guerilla. When you shoot a building in GTA4 the building stands intact after the explosion. That's crap. If you could make the building collapse or have a physics like destruction it would be awesome. I recently played Red Faction Guerilla, and there all of the buildings are destructible/collapsible. That is extraordinary for a game. Rocknum
  • Boston present day: i tink it should be set in boston based around an irish family ,possibly packies or even relatives of his or even a rival irish mob ,story based on withey bulger and the departed kind of thing ,it would be the obvious choice seems R* have done all major characters with all the major crime synds in the us ,italian ,russian etc also it should have animals like red dead ,plenty of planes and stuff to do like san andreas ,GTAeire .ireland
  • Remake San Andreas, but with another story! Think about it... now the protagonist is Sweet, the time he started Grove Street and when Carl left. It would be nice to see what happened in the past. Also bring back customization and add something like Crib Customizing. Add some more clothes to buy or sell, add a car dealer and some more random shops like pawn shops. I love the see the variety of landscape back e.g. Country side, major cities, deserts etc. Add an option to buy a bag to carry more ammo/ weapons. Planes need to be back! I hope this will be read by Rockstar and will somehow inspirate them. OussiStyle
  • it would be cool if we could go into other country's in aeroplanes or ships and we can have a real job like working as a school teacher xD

in gta v there should be a fuel system with vehicles but it should able to be toggled on or off and the game should take place

in liberity city,vice city,san andreas,detroit and carcer city and the protaganist should be completly custimisable including

name, look, voice, gender, affillation and background and you should be able to use a lockpick as an option like in mafia 2

and in multiplayer you should be able to play as important people in gta(i.e claude, niko,little jacob,cj,packie,luis lopez,johney klebitz)and you should be able to buy knifes off of the serrated edge and you should be able to cause mass destruction (i.e make holes in walls,bring down buildings)their should be stun weapons(i.e tazers,tranq guns,pepper spray,mace)

and last but not least BRING BACK PLANES.

  • there should be 900 missions
  • mission 1 should be called taking all over the city. where you go and buys massive bussinesses like 5 star bars,clubs ,casinos,factories,wearhouses and a car sales place
  • and on the second mission should be called now thats`s what i call a car.where you go a pick 1 car over a 1000 what spawns at the start of every missioni would like a bmw 535i
  • the antagonist should be diego and andreas johnson
  • the player should be a really powerful mafia boss there should be 9 other powerful gangs
  • on mission 799 you pay builders to build you a safehouse and on mission 805 should be called down she goes. where the builders turn out to be from a rival gang and you have to kill 10 and then the collapes leading 2 a 3 min cutscene where the house falls down and 4 well loved chareters die in the explosion and you have to to the others in the safehouse
  • mission 899 should be called now thats what i call fire where the 2 antagonist who are and been taking dugs have your friends and family and set fire to the club with a match and toy have to escape to esape a massive blaze because of the achol but you have to the move the ruble and when you get out 9 escape and 3 die in a well tough explosion
  • and have a wife and children
  • the weather changes on the season like heavy snow
  • based in 2014 ,2006,2008,2013 and 2015 in hollywood ,san diego and las venturus
  • have the same grathics like gta iv
  • buys lots of safehouses
  • cothing like trackies ,jeans ,suits, polo tops
  • enter any bulding and robb anywere
  • buy yachts
  • Bring back the ability to break into houses, but this time steal worth while things like people's identities or car keys. Zeroq
  • Keep the super punch cheat code and make different types of super punches. Explosive punch from TBOGT, send pedestrian fly punch from San Andreas, and add another super punch that once a player hits a pedestrian, its body will be cut into rugged pieces.Akiragta4you
  • Less realism, more gameplay. Gamers require aircraft to tear up the environment, that includes rockets (a couple of chainguns doesn't cut it). The ability to mod various cars, similar to that of SA, why it was never included in GTA IV is a big question.. A city NOT situated in America, let's have some variety, throw us in Europe somewhere or maybe further East? Let us play the role of someone badass without the depressing life story, Niko wasn't bad but he has a big nose and his life issues were too much to bear at times. Don't have the player ferrying their virtual goddamn cousin everywhere, it's tedius! NO RPG's! Or at least not in Multiplayer, how people still continue to play with a barrage of RPG's heading in their general direction for the latter of an online match is beyond me. So... More variety in vehicles (aircraft), weapon/vehicle customization, possibly the ability to create loadouts, a new scene, a less annoying MP and a more fun enjoyable game for all. Hope GTA 5 is everything SA was and more! And everything GTA IV wasn'tSick Jargon
  • i wish that gta 5 could have some previous gta characters like Carl Johnson (CJ) , Claude, etc. so it would be more attracting to have old characters or could even have big smoke, saying that he could miraculously survived
  • I also wish that in gta 5 you could use submarines
  • i also wish that in gta 5 there are vehicles that can hold/carry more than 3 passengers
  • I wish there was a harbor/dock that you could buy and store your boats safely in 14makc1
  • I also wish that there was some kind of tug thing that could pull helicopters so i could put them in a hangar
  • I will glad and happy if the next GTA will make in Malaysia,don't forget to put some car from Malaysia.
  • Fist
  • Hockey sticks
  • Machetee
  • Axe
  • Screwdiver
  • Hmmer
  • Pistol
  • Python
  • Deagle
  • Scilenced pistol
  • Tec 9
  • Micro UZI
  • MP5
  • SMG
  • Spas 12
  • Swan of shotgun
  • AA12 auto shotgun
  • Dao 12 streetsweeper auto shotgun
  • AK 47
  • M4A1
  • Sniper
  • Scilenced Sniper
  • Minigun
  • M60
  • M249
  • Heat seeking rocket launcher
  • RPG
  • Flamethower
  • Tear gas
  • Land mines
  • Grenades
  • Moltov
  • Remote grenades
  • Gta 5 - Graphics(Gta 4 equivalent or higher) Scene(Not just 1 location, try SA x 3) Gameplay (Similar to Gta 4, cause lets face it. back with SA or VC the movement was blocky) Physx(Red Faction Gurilla equivalent) Misc(Massive variety of vehicles ranging from a submarine the bycicle or rollerblade to the hydra back in SA - side note, fix the clone wars(when you ger a vehicle most around you is now that vehicle) More substance!! sure then sex drinking and rock and roll is pretty sick but we need more. Give us acid trips and hard time in jail!) Multiplayer(Gta 4 really was pretty sick with multiplayer and still is, however the repitition of the lacking scenarios is getting brutal. More diverse, variety, action, and 32 player. A really fun mission was four leaf clover, would be sickdigidee if playable with friends.) Also bring back the parachute. the ballad of gay tony was fun but the parachute should have been an origin. 0THAHH0
  • Have a mission where you put on an astronaud suit and hijack a space shuttle (before it goes off) and go to the moon and you have to kill somebody there (a human) and then come back and you alwase go to the moon again; that would be awesome! Arya.mcgee
  • Sorry, I meant you can always go to the moon again, not always go there. Arya.mcgee
  • Actually I change my mind, mabye it should be set in anywhere city since that was only in GTA 2 and we didn't get to see it in 3D. ZacR110
  • More missions and mabye have Claude, CJ, Victor, Niko, and Tommy return and they all meet eachother. ZacR110
  • The protoganist must be named Brandon while the antagonist must be named Alin, Xavier, John, and Jessica.Akiragta4you
  • i want mountains in gta iv and also shop on the side of road so it could look like a real scenary...
  • i want barbers and tattoo shop...
  • Must be set in the whole world. The main antagonist that must be named Alin (gender :female) must be killed either in Mexico or Europe in the final mission. Another antagonist that must be named Xavier (gender : male) must get shot off the building and into the road below in Liberty City in one of the mission. Another antagonist that must be named John (gender : male) is a gay African-American man who gets killed at the strip club in one of the mission for betraying the protagonist's(whose name must be Brandon) friend. Another antagonist whose name is Jessica (gender : female)must be killed by the protaganist's(whose name must be Brandon)girlfriend in one of the mission for betraying the protaganist's other friend. Player must be able to buy pets. There must be kids in the next GTA. There must be many more weapons and more fun cheats and put Pokemon theme and Star Wars theme cheat code. Akiragta4you
  • And for more, bring back planes and Rhino tanks, bring back the tatoo and barber shop, try to make it realistic just like what GTA 4 did, keep the farting pedestrians from San Andreas, make more vehicles like blimps, submarines, battleships, etc. In one of the cutscene in the mission, it must show Roman Bellic standing on the top of the skyscraper when all of sudden, the main antagonist whose name must be Alin sneaks up behind Roman and cuts his head of, causing Roman's headless body to fall off a building and making Niko Bellic angry and wanting to kill Alin. Bring back the chains and watches from San Andreas and add more clothing systems and put gloves. The other antagonist whose name must be Xavier and John must have a gay voice.Akiragta4you
  • Plus, the main antagonist whose name is Alin must also be a terrorist.Akiragta4you
*New vice city, Miami like., just like liberty city is new york :D Bech

  • Should have like COMPLETELY destroyable buildings(think Mercs 2), customizable cars/weapons, if you leave a car somewhere it wont disappear it'll just stay there till you turn off the console, more visable bodily damage(e.g a head fragments if hit with a shotgun close range), better combat system, variable weapons loadouts on military vehicles(fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, apcs etc.), bigger map(SA but maybe 5x bigger), garages a must, smarter cops(e.g cops leave you alone if youre heavily armed and/or have killed too many of them, cover an area with snipers via helicopter or rooftop if the player has been rampaging long enough, cops will shoot you on sight if they recognize you from a previous rampage, cops wear body armor standard, cops WILL question you if you have a gun out in plain sight), better graphics(Crysis 2 anyone?), more boats and/or ability to raid a military harbour and come back with an aircraft carrier(a destroyer, cruiser, or submarine would be kick ASS), the rhino with tracked wheels, the military comes after you, but not until a timer to surrender runs out, of course the ability to surrender during a rampage should be included, ability to store weapons in vehicles, being able to choose which weapons to take to battle with, story co-op, bribing civilians to work for you, ability to take a plane somewhere, more interior spaces, and more radio stations. Skylinesthelimit
  • I

would like to make the protagonist named Brandon and antoganist named Xavier,John,Alin and put these guns on gta 5 like P90,G36E,MK 16 SCAR-L,MK16 SCAR-l BLACK.

  • If the game takes place in Vice City, it would be pretty cool to see a vcpd stinger. Theloadedgunstudios
  • There should be a Faction that is customized to look like the Hotring racer.Theloadedgunstudios
  • Air planes should return. But only small ones like the dodo.Theloadedgunstudios
  • The m 60 and the m 249 saw should be under heavy weapons as replacements for the mini gun.Theloadedgunstudios
  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas {{SUBST:User:DatKiddown the street/sig2}}
*ok first of all, you guys type like little kids.Second, yall dont understand how hard it is to make a game. Rockstar works hard for the games you put down.I aint dissin anyone,but yall gotta understand it aint easy.If rockstar truly does check this list, all i ask 4 is a more real exerince.If i cud chose, i would locate da game in san andreas or vice city.ppl want to see the classic games with the IV theme. {{SUBST:User:DatKiddown the street/sig2}} 00:41, September 26, 2010 (UTC)
  • it should take place in jamacia

  • in gta 5 you can got to space and fly rocketships Octal93
  • I know GTA 5 Will be amazing, so my only suggestion is to add a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in the game so u can find one in traffic with no doors or sun roofs. :-) ITS MY FAVORITE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • X ed boiI wish that the player can hold onto the tail of a helicopter so u can have 4 in the helicopter and 4 hangin on to it
  • the game should be in carcer city Buldugur
  • You should be able to catch a plane to other cities and countries. The Tom 12:44, September 26, 2010 (UTC)
  • i would be nice if you can skate in the next gta
  • I want to see Vice City again. Bring back Victor Vance, tank tops and the hot, hot vice city sun! Plenty of motorbikes, shooting cholos, the minigun and planes.
* You should be able to damage your bike in greater detail and when a car blows up it should go into bits not just go grey...Rcampbell2009
* Damage needs to be more realistic if you crash at 100 mph or so your car should rip right through the wall and rip into bits/ explode not just bend at the frontRcampbell2009
* Bikes and Cars need to have some customization as well as boats, Choppers and... Planes Rcampbell2009
* Lorries can hook into trailers like in SA Rcampbell2009
* Upgradable Weapons... Snipers need thermals and Pistols need silencers etc. Rcampbell2009
* Euphoria Game Engine or better Rcampbell2009
* Fun vehicles such as Quads and Hover crafts etc. Rcampbell2009
* More damage to enemies such as if they get blown up with an RPG their body would explode Rcampbell2009
* Realistic gun sounds Rcampbell2009
* Vehicles have a Speed Guage Rcampbell2009
  • near the end of the game u should have the abuility to have ur own mansion to live in, with lets say a garage underneath with like 100 parking spaces to save ur cars ats stuff, and u should build up a perminant gang thats ur the leader of, not like san andreas were u go and pick people up there already with u, u just decide who u take, and they have there own cars and stuff so u can take them all, and u should allow 4 people to get into a 4 seat 2 door car, and it doesnt have to be a gang it could be a mafia, and u should get to customize one car and then its ur unique car that resorns outside or mansion or current house that ur4 using,
  • is shouldnt be in the usa like the others, it should be in a different place, or even creat a whole new city that has no links to a real city, or have it on a nother planet like we have mannaged to spread but the cars and buildings look the same and so do the people, its just the planet that looks different
  • I dont think there should be a GTA 5 i think that they should bring GTA:San Andreas back and maybe we can play the story again from someone else's point of view, or maybe we can play a couple of years earlier when Carl was in Liberty City so we actually get to see who Brian Johnson was.I would even want to play with someone from a diferent gang...all i can say is if they DO decide to do another chapter of San Andreas I hope that the gangs still exist...thats all i have for now theres so much goin though my head but im not gonna put everything Robertlee88
  • i think all the cities from the GTA3 seriers should be in and you can travel either by car boat or plane, u get 2 chose who u start off as( get his/her name gender and apperance) and u get loads of new vihacles Cowyy
  • A fully functional casino with lots of gambling games would be great! Speccy

take gta4 and san Andres put it togther with online play

  • 22Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas Khaled21
  • It would be awesome to have san andreas with the same landmarks and more with a different layout and to have gta 4 physics and new stuff like wingsuits different parachutes etc. for base jumping.
  • Based in san andreas with gta 4 physics and cool stuff like car mods and wingsuits for base jumping. Its should also have the same landmarks but with more of them on a bigger map! and more missions!
*short sweet and simple the hunter and hydra and for aviation enthusiasts the rustler 0115999

I want injures,like concussion or when you fall from 10 feet you cant run anymore or bleeding and that stuff.And more place like in GTA SA

  • how about rockstar just hurry up because with mafia 2 and true crime and a new driver there looking like fools even saints row looks better for an early release

san andreas but with uncharted graphics


I want official car in GTA, because the official cars are in Midnight Club LA !! :) Rockstar, please buy a license . Pixxb00

  • Add all of America! Have these cities:
  • GTA IV Liberty City
  • Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas
  • Add more parts to the state of San Andreas, like Northern California (including Eureka), Oakland, San Diego and San Jose.
  • Northern US Countryside (Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming)
  • Seattle
  • Phoenix
  • Austin, Dallas and Houston
  • Oklahoma City
  • Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska
  • St. Paul
  • Detroit
  • St. Louis
  • Chicago
  • Vice City (make it more like Miami)
  • State of Florida with Orlando.
  • Raleigh
  • Virginia, Carolinas and Maryland
  • Baltimore and Washington DC
  • East Coast States (Connecticut, Massachusetts with Boston, Maine, New York State, Rhode Island and Rest of Alderney State which is New Jersey)
  • Ohio with Columbus and Cincinnati
  • Kentucky
  • Southern US (Alabama, Mississippi w New Orleans, and Georgia with Atlanta) Now that would be coolKanzler31 22:00, September 28, 2010 (UTC)
  • i think that gta V should be a remake of vice city
  • this vice city shouldn't look like the original vice city from ps2, psp
  • should almost mirror miami
  • should be car customizing like san andreas
  • and you should be able to make you own safe house, there should be like 5 main catagories for your safe house small, medium, large, XL, and mansion, plus an add garage feature where you can make as many garages as you like Jamesatkinson1995
  • shouldn't have to complete missions to unlock parts of the city, should all be open from 0% to 100%, in case you want to explore instead of doing missions
  • should be from a rich family, so you have a whole crap load cash at the beggining
  • should be all new sports cars, lets get rid of the infernus, cheetah, banshee, stinger, comet and so on, use the same stats, just change the look and name
  • weapon list:
  • pistol
  • dual pistol
  • uzi, smg
  • dual uzi, smg
  • assult rifle, mk 47
  • dual assult rifle, mk 47
  • rocket launcher
  • mini gun
  • flamethrower
  • sniper
  • grenades
  • mines
  • explosives like in san andreas
  • cocktails
  • kantana
  • sword
  • dual kantana
  • dual sword
  • taezer
  • chain
  • 1930's mafia machine gun
  • bazooka
  • desert eagle
  • dual desert eagle
  • stubby shotgun
  • regular shotgun
  • sawed off shotgun
  • dual sawed off shotgun
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • chain saw
  • hunting rifle
  • bow and arrow
  • new fist fighting, grab like in vice city stories
  • gta iv graphics
  • What I think GTA 5 needs is to bring back some of the old stuff from the older games, like having older models of cars, like the 80's Infernus from Vice City for example, brought into the game. It would be cool to see older models of the cars, as I liked some of them. Another thing is Car Customization garages should be brought back. It gave cars a personallity when you were cruising down Los Santos, and would be a great addition. Also, I'd like to be able to go to the other cities, like Vice City and San Andreas in preasent-day. THAT WOULD ROCK. Also, custom radio stations should be added to console versions. It makes sense considering other PS3 and XBOX 360 games allow you to play music, and it wouldn't be much of a hastle to add this either. And finally, I want more weapons! I want the flamethrower most of all, but you have to settle for stupid molitoves that don't do much damage, plus they are projectiles, which annoys me, because I sometimes accedentally set myself in fire. If GTA 5 had all that, I'd be psyched! VCPR
  • Be able to order pizza so we don't have to drive way out to a Pizza Stack in the middle of a mission when low on health. Mobstar
  • flyable planes, rural areas like san andreas Wiggy-12
  • bring back tommy vercetti if it takes back in vice city Mr.Johnson223
  • Why havent anyone put .Have a place to save your cars bikes trucks plane heli-c boats at airpots docks parking gargae and have both outside and inside parking at safehouse and pay to save a car at a public parking garage for how much you pay how long your car stays.Then have it when you get 100% on something you dont have to pay to save.Also there sould be other people parking their cars so it wouldnt seem like a fake parking garage. You sould be able to buy food,cars,homes, more make like scarface costomize your homes.There should be a place to save weapons like a box or cabin you sould put thing in your car like little jacobs car but also have it where you cant put food clothes guns and other things.Have food in your home like mafia 2 but better.Have it where you can sit down lay back like push L3 near a chair or rock / wall / side of building. Have it where you can lay flat on ground crawl and shoot. REPLY IF YOU HAVE BETTER OR YOU JUST HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.
  • Why havent anyone put .Have a place to save your cars bikes trucks plane heli-c boats at airpots docks parking gargae and have both outside and inside parking at safehouse and pay to save a car at a public parking garage for how much you pay how long your car stays.Then have it when you get 100% on something you dont have to pay to save.Also there sould be other people parking their cars so it wouldnt seem like a fake parking garage. You sould be able to buy food,cars,homes, more make like scarface costomize your homes.There should be a place to save weapons like a box or cabin you sould put thing in your car like little jacobs car but also have it where you cant put food clothes guns and other things.Have food in your home like mafia 2 but better.Have it where you can sit down lay back like push L3 near a chair or rock / wall / side of building. Have it where you can lay flat on ground crawl and shoot. REPLY IF YOU HAVE BETTER OR YOU JUST HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.GTAGamePlan
  • I think Gta 5 should have Niko in San Andreas and have him and Carl work together Carl's Gunna Get cha

  • I would like to see the following in GTA5
** Ability to buy real estate kind of like Vice City - this could also provide rental income, safehouses and free food, repairs etc. depending on the building
** More realistic police: speeding, running red lights etc. when a cop is around should give you 1 star
** If you shoot someone, even a cop, but there aren't any cops to see, then they shouldn't appear miraculously
** Fuel gages in cars, random when you get in, they may run out and you can fill them up
** Health damage from car accidents (even when not thrown out the front window)
** More realistic limits to the amount of guns/ammo you can carry
** Car bombs: the ability to leave an explosive in a car and then dial a number to set it off
** On lookers to your crimes can have the ability to call police on there cells phone unless you stop them
** Opening up the maps and development tools for fan created missions, games, races etc.

  • They should improve one of the coolest things ever on GTA franchise: OFF ROAD.
    In GTA San Andreas, thanks to to the huge open areas, we could just get a car and drive infinitely, without even gettin inside the cities. Lots of peoples mentioned the car modifications, because everyone want it back on the game. Rockstar should bring the modifications back, but bring also some Off Road vehicles. I would like to suggest those: Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee Sport (the old one), Mitsubishi Pajero(any of them, the pajero is an off road legend), Hummer H1,Toyota Land Cruiser. Also some cool rally cars: Subaru WRX STi, Ford Fiesta(Ken Block is driving one of those), Ford Escort Mark II, Lancer Evolution(any of them, rally legend). About the modifications, they should add this: Roll Cages, Fog Lights, Auxiliary Lights(maybe add some light bars on the car roof),big Off Road Tires, improved off road suspensions and Springs(make the car higher), off road snorkel(so we can pass through some water without losing the vehicle), off road protection bars(for the front), Winch.
    The game should have also more weather variation, im thinkin about snow. maybe some mud on forests when it rains, so we can have some realistic fun on off road trails...
    Thinkin further, they should add some online stuff for off road, like making a off road convoy with the other players to cross some trails on the map, and players would help each other to cross hard obstacles(like, using your winch to pull someone's car from a ditch...).
    What do u guys think of that?


  • @LucasMachado thats an awesome idea man, i'm all about cars and modifying, like in need for speed underground 2, i'd never thought of off-road cars