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This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for Grand Theft Auto V - the next Grand Theft Auto game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat or respond to other people's suggestions. Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either.

Please note this is not an official Rockstar Games website, although we know they do sometimes read these wishlists.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

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GTA San Andreas Stories
  • Before making GTA5, I feel that Rock Star North should back up a step into the GTA3 era again and create the long-wanted GTA San Andreas Stories. "The Introduction" in the PS2 special edition of GTA San Andreas was not enough to tell us how Brian died, what kind of people Brian and Beverly were, and why C.R.A.S.H. was picking on the Johnsons in particular. The protagonist in San Andreas Stories should be none other than Brian. I also think that, for the first time in a GTA game, the story should shift from one protagonist to another. The game should start out with Brian as the Protagonist, and then the protagonicy should be shifted to Sweet in the events of Brian's death and CJ's exile. Sweet should kill Big Devil and Little Devil for betraying the Grove just as Carl revenges on Ryder and Smoke for their betrayal. Officer Pendelbury should also be a member of C.R.A.S.H. and Hernandez a cop who gives a couple missions. There should also be the oppurtunity to rob houses again, have the character customization for Brian like on CJ in San Andreas, and have Hot Coffee returned for another round. That is all I have to say. I hope you take into consideration what I took the time to write.GrandTheftAuto1996
  • I feel that's a great idea, however, how can we play if Brian's dead. Unless you are thinking of setting the story before Brian died, that would be fantastic! They could twist the story up a little so we learn more about the unknown. Rockstar should use the map of San Andreas (with a bit more) again though with the new RAGE engine! Imagine that. I feel Vice City would come next though, then San Andreas. San Andreas was unboubtedly my favourite GTA. Montario 19:11, 19 January 2011 (UTC)
  • I have been a gta fan from the start.... I will be very happy to see my opinions have been taken in consideration...
  • there are more than 1 suggestion so i will suggest them in points..
**The first and the most important suggestion is that plz dont neglect pc users...the last game gta 4 required very high grade system to run it.. SO plz gta 5 should be in evry1's reach....
**The driving system of npc's should be made more realistic especially the taxi driver..
**There should be some mission where the other person drives and we shoot..(there were none of this kind in gta 4)  Prohvet1Prohvet1
  • Dear GrandTheftWiki,I was really trying to say this to get this idea off of my mind, i know all of the ROCKSTAR and GTA player will surely love this, all the people and I wud LOVE to have a new GTA SAN ANDREAS be created.I hope you guys read this, i really miss SAN ANDREAS and i hope you guys would make one for ps3,Xbox 360, please! that game was such a HUGE hit when i was younger! i loved it! i couldn't stop playing it! i have to say the truth, i bet most of the people would enjoy another san andreas to bring back some gaming memories, i hope you read this and make it happen, THANK YOU Phantom 831
  • That's a great idea - although imo, the protagonist shouldn't change, you should play as Sweet the whole game. And since Sweet told CJ "Little devil's buried over there, and BIG devil's buried over there" not saying anything about how they betrayed gsf, I don't think they should be bad guys , they could, however, play big roles in san andreas stories, and become loved characters and then die. GabZonY
  • Having gta V set in London is a great idea, although i think R* should keep parodizing cities and locations and monuments and such, just like liberty city = New york, Las venturas = Las Vegas and so on, so if the next gta game should be set in London, they should call London something else then London. GabZonY
  • Ok, so heres my idea. Be able to hijack planes. Like board the plane and be able to walk around it (with passengers on it) and like walk up to the pilot and kill him. Or even, like, when your driving,be able to leave the controls and walk around LOL. Autopilot would be cool though. Make this the same for buses and trains. Also, not a cinematic view on them. Be able to move around them.
  • Be able to fly to Carcer City, Anywhere City, Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas
  • Don't be a previous character, they've all had their time. RockyRob
  • Be able to get haircuts, and have to take care of yourself like in GTA San Andreas (Fat, Muscle etc).
  • Hot Coffee mode
  • Bring back Vigilante, Paramedic, Fire Fighter, Taxi and Garbage Missions.
  • Better Cheats (Like San Andreas)
  • LONG Story
  • Be able to form gangs like in San Andreas.
  • REALLY funny Easter Eggs. RockyRob
  • Still be able to save cheats on your phone again, but for gods sake, do not make you hang up the phone if you get shot, punched or get into a car. Explosions and Falling I can understand


Instead of an entirely metro and building full enviroment. The next GTA game should feature more natural surroundings in certain areas of the map. Like GTA san andreas had towering citys and small towns, but also had a huge desert and country side's.

GTA V = Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos

  • For GTA V, they should have it based in Los Santos, not the whole state of San Andreas but just Los Santos and call it Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos. Number 1 because it opens up other oppurtunites for other games, (eg. GTA: San Fierro or GTA: Las Venturas) in the future. It would also be great if they connected the previous GTA:SA game with the new GTA:LS (or whatever it will be) game and have some continuity. Eg. Have the protagonist the grown-up son of Kendl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando who is the new leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas. Keep the original GTA:SA gangs but also add new ones. And keep many of the same characters, an older Cesar and Kendl as parents and and older CJ and Sweet, who have passed on the leadership of Grove Street Families to their sons. The game should also include the freedom of customising cars and the player like in GTA:SA. HookeyRox