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For previous suggestions, see /archive1.

This is the official Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for the next GTA game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either. And please, remember to place your suggestion(s) at the bottom of the page.

How To Suggest

  1. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
  2. Every different suggestion should have its own entry
  3. Start a new line with an asterisk (*), write your suggestion, then add your name with THREE tildes ( - ~~~)

Suggestions for GTA 5

  • Please add the ability to destroy buildings and add real cars. Firethelove
  • Building destruction, I'm ok with it as long it's moderate... Entire building destruction shouldn't be possible. In the graphical details, real cars, meh, no. The GTA names have more charm, and since IV they even parodied brands, so it's ok like that. However, I'd really like to see the return of the Hotring Racer, being a big fan of NASCAR, and why not, a short-track trophy submission with some of these racing, just like the 8-Track. DarkHedge
  • I almost forgot: A new-era Vice City and San Andreas, and the ability to travel in between all those cities. A very wide story mode that will make the player see what happened to the previous heroes like CJ, Tommy Vercetti or even Toni Cipriani, but only as minor characters, the kind of appearance that will make a player think: "So, they're still alive, it's good to see them guys again." but nothing more. GTA IV era must go on. DarkHedge
  • Bring back explosives in vehicles.