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For previous suggestions, see /archive1.

This is the official Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for the next GTA game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either. And please, remember to place your suggestion(s) at the bottom of the page.

How To Suggest

  1. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
  2. Every different suggestion should have its own entry
  3. Start a new line with an asterisk (*), write your suggestion, then add your name with THREE tildes ( - ~~~)

Suggestions for GTA 5

  • Please add the ability to destroy buildings and add real cars. Firethelove
  • Building destruction, I'm ok with it as long it's moderate... Entire building destruction shouldn't be possible. In the graphical details, real cars, meh, no. The GTA names have more charm, and since IV they even parodied brands, so it's ok like that. However, I'd really like to see the return of the Hotring Racer, being a big fan of NASCAR, and why not, a short-track trophy submission with some of these racing, just like the 8-Track. DarkHedge
  • I almost forgot: A new-era Vice City and San Andreas, and the ability to travel in between all those cities. A very wide story mode that will make the player see what happened to the previous heroes like CJ, Tommy Vercetti or even Toni Cipriani, but only as minor characters, the kind of appearance that will make a player think: "So, they're still alive, it's good to see them guys again." but nothing more. GTA IV era must go on. DarkHedge
  • Bring back explosives in vehicles. - Mr smith2489
  • give police the ability to set up spike strips - Clint Eastwood2
  • please add the ability to take some one hostage and bring back the chainsaw with more myths. user--Stephendwan
  • Set in San Andreas, including ALL GTA aircraft plus suggestions 0n my page. Sukhoi-35BM
  • The destructible buildings is good as long as it is unique and not the same animation each time, the problem with real cars is that some companies dont allow damage so like dents which is needed, since it is on the gta 4 engine they should just put the liberty city on the disk and make new San Andreas and vice city, hostages is sick and way more buildings need to have interiors, they should make a modifier thing like the sims buildings so the community can make the insides and what not, much more indepth robbing shopsm, the ability to take hostages like that mission in gta 4 would be sweet, the construction workers actualy need to do something like relaying roads, and not just everyday a bit more is done actually them physically moving a brick and it staying there, gang, drugs, the gang needs to be very in depth, choosing gang cars weapons spending more money on different gang fronts and u dont do every transport u just command ur men to do shit but u need to do it the first time, use different costumes to infiltrate different buildings and u should be able to store big heavy weapons in the boots of cars and ammo and be able to have like 30 man per side gang battles. Joshbeast
  • Have it set in Vice City and have another attack helicoptor placed in the game like the Hunter, have the police be more loyal and protective (and uncorrupt) of the citizens when the protaganist is threatening them. TheAvenger22101
  • Make it set at Vice City and have a completely revamped and elaborate rendition of Miami, Florida like how GTA IV was set in a heavily-detailed New-York inspired Liberty City.--MayGodHaveMercyUponMyEnemies
  • Grant the protagonist the ability to sit down and customize safehouses.--MayGodHaveMercyUponMyEnemies
  • Give a more expanded, elaborate, and meticulous array of clothes and accessories like in GTA: SA--MayGodHaveMercyUponMyEnemies
  • Make a new city maybe based around Los Angeles, and include Vinewood which has been mentioned in previous games in the series.--TheBigIV
  • Allow the player to change what's playing on the radios not in cars. DarwinSighs
  • Allow for a "good" type of character. For example, the protagonist refusing to help drug dealers. DarwinSighs
  • Make trains, such as the Brown Streak and Liberty City Subway Drivable. User:KoopaGalaxain
  • Have NOOSE snipers at blockades, and ones that get into position when a player stays in one place for too long. This emphasises the need to keep moving. DarwinSighs