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I think the next game should have three cities, London, Paris and Berlin. GTA Europe!!! This would be so cool, especially London. Obviously Rockstar needs to change the names to something different. :) Am I right???
# I think the next game should have three cities, London, Paris and Berlin. GTA Europe!!! This would be so cool, especially London. Obviously Rockstar needs to change the names to something different. They should also add more variety when shopping or dining. They should also include British, French and German Stereotypes... Very Funny. :) Am I right??? [[User:ARC11ARC|ARC11ARC]]

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For previous suggestions, see /archive1, /archive2 or /archive3.

This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for the next GTA game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either. And please, remember to place your suggestion(s) at the bottom of the page.

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Suggestions for GTA 5

  1. Well, you should be able to go across the country to Vice City, Liberty City, Any City.G0h4n1234
  2. There should be real-life-type impacts of bombs on buildings, vehicle accidents and other mishaps and massacres. Pedestrians should be better because in gtas like lcs and others have pedestrians talking without opening their mouth. The protaganist should be allowed to talk, abuse, bluff people and do whatever right or wrong he feels like and for that there should be an action list for selecting what he wants to do. The impact of bullets and bombs should be equal on every person. Houses can be broken in and the player can learn any type of self-defence like martial-arts,etc. Better clothing should also be included. The game should take place in new places like Tokyo, Rome, Paris or Mumbai. The protaganist can start any form of business and can buy,sell, rent property . If he wants he can hire hitmen or people to do his work. Animals should be included too. It should be a complete new and interesting story. More vehicles and restaurants, lodgings and hotels and places enterable, tolls on using highways, stricter police and traffic and intelligence source, import or export stuff whether banned or not, Player can watch news and can be news! Internet usage, bills and all sort of real-life stuff should be included.
  3. Over at /archive3, number 153 is one of the incomplete suggestions, because they disappeared for some reason. Read that first. Here's my list of characters that might come back again: 8-Ball (our player), Luigi Goterelli, Joey Leone (new leader of the Leone Family), Ken Rosenberg, Kent Paul, Yuka Kasen, Phil Cassidy (back to his boomshine), Maria Latore (with Claude at his apartment), Misty Leone (wife of Joey), Mary-Beth Williams (all grown up because the year is 2004 and becoming like her father with a bit of soft spots), Mitch Baker, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet, Tommy Vercetti (still in control of the Vercetti Gang and giving jobs), Donald Love, BJ Smith, Mercedes Cortez, and Mike of the Vercetti Gang (Tommy's right-hand man since Lance betrayed him). I have new characters that might appear too: Richard G. Newell (8-Ball's friend), Demon Frog Members and the Leader, Pete Vance, Fernando Diaz (Ricardo Diaz's couson wanting revenge on Tommy after the death of his couson). Remember to see /archive3 at number 153 before you see this, thanks! --Mega Sean 45
  4. Taking a leaf from The Godfather/Saints Row, etc, adding some level of grappling would be an interesting addition to gameplay, allowing for stealth takedowns (approaching someone from behind, initiating a grapple, then breaking their neck/putting them in a sleeper hold), using people as a human shield (pretty self-explanatory) or simply as an addition to melee combat, allowing for throws, dirty fighting and, if using a weapon, executions. Sawbones
  5. just recreate San Andreas or Vice city, and bring back car modding, car importing and purchasing houses. and add car dealerships to go and buy cars from, and please do keep the Super Diamond/Super Drop Diamond, Schafter (Gay Tony edition), Huntly Sport, Super GT (GTA IV edition), Coquette, Buffalo police car, Stinger Police car, Blista Compact (GTA IV edition) and Infurnus (GTA IV edition), these cars are easily the best rockstar games has ever made on there GTA games SiK SHIFTER SiK SHIFTER
  6. There should be an london, guy ritchie film feel to it, with silent wepons and have a couple of wepon cycles and have them customizable. the people you kill get rid of the bodies you kill and dispose of them. have the cops not notice were you are all the time and have the silence wepons work on cops so when you kill one, the entire world know were you are and after you at full force. after you complete the game have little disputes like the mafia underworld. I shrongly encourge rockstar north to mak it british because they are a scottish development team they should have their own country in there game.
  7. You should be able to lose body parts (heads, limbs, etc.). There should also be an interior view of the car while driving (they did it in Midnight Club L.A., why can't they do it in GTA?). AfroNinja376
  8. GTA should have a feature to have a safe for your in-game money and some stash for your weapon, like if you want to bring out your RPG and 9mm to use and to put it back later to use. There should also be planes brought back. For the story line the chracter should be a policeman. He works for a corrupt politician and a chief who is similar to Francis McReary in GTA IV.LAzYBaZ
  9. Fixed wing aircraft and customizable weaponsCandymanyyyy
  10. You should be some old school gangster and it should be set in 1988 and u could travel to san andreas an back by takin planes and along the way you should meet carl johnson (CJ) by making apperances and coming with u on missions. on multiplayer u should beable to play games like on TLAD and TBOGT you can cutumize your charcter anyway u want just like on saints row and make some even newer multiplayer gamesLuis253
  11. It should be set in Los Santos in the 1950s, but re-mapped like Liberty City, one big city with three or plus zones. I would like to see something like the movie L.A. Confidential. The main character should be a black guy, looking like Denzel Washington. The character should be different from the ones we saw in the other games. I think it could be interesting 'cause the GTA series hasn't been set in the '50s yet. Francis McReary
  13. Im a huge fan of gta series and mostly play pc my favorite so far is san andreas havent finished gta 4 yet but have some key points - Gta 5 should be massive bigger isn't always better but when it comes to gta it is. Less confined spaces in some places of gta 4 and san andreas you run into telephone poles to easily and the physics are incorrect. More open spaces yes wide open spaces makes for some free moments like the desert in gta san andreas perfect example. More isnt always better and in this case less simulation an unrealstic feel and less repetive role play is a good thing. Better driving physics gta 4 at least on my poor rig is terrible i assume at top fps its better but braking is so off its kinda like a boat. cooler things like skydiving snowboarding stealth are part of the package. There are many more things than can be done but the hard part is storyline each gta had its own time theme gta 4 is obvoiously post 9/11 and 2001 or so and does a great job so far. San andreas 1992 vice city 1986. What would they do going back in time is lame the 70's or the 1940's gangsta era would not work. A futersitic model is pluasable where as the sky is the limit and you could write about anything these things take time. Jumpimg around in time themes is not a terrible idea but would take the series in an odd direction. a total remake of vice city would be cool but not large enough what we need is groundbreaking stuff were taking massive here. We need to dump liberty city an add some new aspects writing is the key here. They need to abandon the 3 part city module where it's seperated by water This is not realsitic and is stupid they need to take key aspects of the entire united states and make an entire country Vice city los santos san fierro las venturas and maybe even liberty combined all seperated by more cities just like san andreas but on a massive scale. We need hawaii aspen colorado texas or whatever they dont have to be perfect like mount chiliad is a great example just a represenation of a mountain but made the game super cool and was a center piece between all cities. The story should involve good ol cocaine mixed with cia intelligence military opertaions undercover agents and low level street thugs. This wide variety means the story is up for grabs. Realism should still be implemented the use of the internet hiring a real estate agent and buying houses would make for great role playing.Role playing should be implented to the fullest but non repetive you should grow as a character get stronger faster richer etc.. Flying is an absolute must here with a deeper field of view and more realism obviously this game needs to be a graphics power house and at it's console development rate this dream of a game could be far off. I believe I am on the right track here the hard drive space would probably be around 100 gb gta 4 is 18 I also think a prison scene would be nice kind a like the movie blow where goerge jung goes to prison and meets his friend in crime. Take any movie and you can make a game out of it gta needs to take all of the great movies. Hawaii would be hop in a plane in los santos then fly to hawaii do surfing see the islands research and mystery would be a fun new aspect to gta 5. The graphics here would be stunning! You should be able to sell some pot create your own enterprise this game needs to make money harder to get so anything short of cheating will make earning money better. The AI needs to be beefed up by like 300% for non repetitive awe inspring realism. creating your own drug enterprise would be cool a choice of like 3: pot, coke, meth all with different story lines further enhancing replay value. Dirt bikes quads jumps racing snowboarding skydiving hanggliding all fun stuff that needs to be implemented. Seasons like in Elder scrolls oblviion are a light possibility but maybe a little to much but still an idea. In Gta 4 you could let you imagination take over but in reality there was nothing to do besides the missions. After all of This I will offer my unofficial plot. Undercover agent mark cusack was in to deep a 2 year stint with the mexican drug cartel inches him ever to close to the breaking point forcing him to make the tough decisions but he is ready to make the bust and take down this drug family but all hell breaks loose. He finds his family murdered his wife and father dead but children are missing. He cant blow his undercover but fears that the drug kingpins killed his family but later finds it may be an inside job.... This could be a quick wrap jumping to a deeper plot with the protaginist having to search las venturas then vice city and eventually have to go to hawaii in search of the truth a man with nothing to lose no longer a cop but a renegade.. This is just an idea anything could be done deep motivation would be the key some kind of plot that drags you in then gets deeper as the game progresses with crazy twists and turns and this is just the main story line this game needs to take like a month top complete or over 500 hours like a supreme novel im serious who cares how long it takes to develop one thing is for sure off shoots and episodic content is lame.. When I play a gta game for the first time I dont want it to end. Buy maybe a game like this needs a new name when it comes to new realism and fun arcade action gta has provided it it's a brand and a new name would be risky simply calling it GTA 5 is cheap if it succeds then what gta 6 7 etc... The model is fantastic but a game like this may need a new name because it;s a whole new direction a new chapter the cool things is it never has to end new things can always be created. Mikeey7
  1. @Mikeey7 WTF ARE YOU SAYING? TL:DR, nor did I understand a thing you were saying.
  2. Mix maps of gta london 1969, san andreas, liberty city, and vice city. Should have more cheat codes and can be in any platform (e.g. psp, pc, xbox, xbox 360, ps2 and wii). And there should be a cheat for never wanted, for themes (like san andreas), and for airplanes, railway, and boats. angelobrylle
  3. i think that GTAB 5 should definately include the cockpit camer (where the camera is inside the vehicle) because it would be seriously cool. also you should be able to buy your own house at the beginning of the game like you get a bugit of $200,000 or something and you get to go and buy your own house, also there should be car dealerships like one that sells rubbish used cars and one that sells brand new cars like lamborghini's, ferrari's but when you purchase a car from a garage it stores in your garage so it's like real life, it should be like san andreas, it should be set in either england or florida or san diego or something like that. BUT PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PUT THE COCKPIT CAMERA LIKE OFF MIDNIGHT CLUB LOS ANGELES. thank you and i hope you include these brilliant ideas in gta 5, thanks again and i want it to come out so so so bad beacause i cant wait much longer im a gta fanGTA NaTh 19
  4. I wish GTA 5 would come out on Windows Mobile!!
  5. I want to be able to fly planes. Also, I don't want to get an automatic 6 star rating by being in the airport. And I think it would be cool for the main character to get married (not just have girlfriends), and have kids and maybe they could tie into the storyline somehow. And I miss the option of buying houses and cars. Audball2108
  6. Bring back the Airplanes and big cities like SA,better guns,and better gun physics,sound synchronization.oh and full character customization,hair,tattoo,clothing,accessories,maybe even gun customization suppressors being the least that you can do, and add Snow as a new weather,maybe even build your crew,either gang or just a regular one like in the show "burn notice",car customization,AND buying and owning estates and businessesPoop copter
  7. @Poopcopter you basically just built Saints Row 2 with gun customization, but I do like Burn Notice! :D Gerry Spring 13:37, February 17, 2010 (UTC)
  8. If it's going to be set in Vice City, wouldn't it be cool if there was an alligator infested area?

More scenery dangers in general would be cool. We already have the risk of being diced by chopper blades, blown up by gas stations, and run over by subway trains. But what about other things like airplane turbines, sawmills, woodchippers, car crushers?

20. This should be the biggest GTA game yet. All the protagonists from all the games should help fight crime together, and San Andreas, Vice City, and Liberty City should all be into one. Plus, add a Staunton Island like they did in GTA III.- GTADaBest

@GTADaBest Staunton Island is Manhattan, and how are all the protag's going to fight crime together? 1. They ARE crime and 2. These games take place 10-40 years apart, what are you talking about?

21. Also, there should be an option for first-person and third-person shooters.- GTADaBest

  1. I think GTA 5 would be good if it had all locations from all GTA games in one game (e.g liberty city, san andreas, vice city, etc) so then you can go to the airport and fly from one island to another. Also it should have the graphics from GTA IV in it but more better and more realistic. Loopyeski
  2. I personally Think Gta 5 should be based in New Orleans»»oor-LONDON or »»GLASGOW««,CAPE TOWN..CARACAS IN»»Venezuela...OR..Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, OR San Francisco
  1. carator creation and more mini games like robbing, gambling, drunk driving, darts, assassination, loan sharking, fencing ( buying/ selling stolen property), intimination, fraud, counter fitting, and burgurly. There also should be more option missions like spare or not Star100

2. Wish that the Army is back in GTA 5.One more thing,in GTA San Andreas,even at 6 star wanted level,they sent Police Maverick while Barracks and Rhinos chasing you down!!?Is it nice if if they sent a Hunter as well?I also hope that the ingame physics to be a little more realistic,fires from molotovs can spread and turns everything to go up in smoke,cars burns instead of exploding when hit by a molotov,and the return of Ammu-Nation gun shops.Adolf95

3. They should a lot of torture, and a lot of drug deals, and wharehouses of guns amd many diferrent tyes but you can olny carry like two guns think of man on fire with denzel washington and a new wepon cycle system and have the cops actually look for you and have a lot more to do after the game is over because it gets relly boreing just killing cops like a survival round game but also the circle is shitty way it should be line of sight and for a couple of seconds should be the time limit for them to catch you but after 50 minutes of dull stars meaning they don't know where you are and they don't want to give up because they lost you, be able to have regenitive health and bullet placement like the knee and have better pyhicis with death and have the prison sceen when you get busted but only for like a day in game and make friends be able to go into every building and have your wepons stored in your safe house there should a lot mre detail on reloading guns like when your playing gta iv you reload your m4 like an ak-47 watch the clips drop to the floor

Where GTA 5 should be located

I personally Think Gta 5 should be based in New Orleans»»oor-LONDON or »»GLASGOW««,CAPE TOWN..CARACAS IN»»Venezuela...OR..Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, OR San Francisco

  1. I think GTA 5 should be located as Washington DC because I think it will be vicious,
  1. have Michael Klebitz (johnny brother) as the protaganist in a newly made vice city and have johnny come down during the story and have weapons and the buzzard from TBoGT and have all new cars and bikes and have packie, usuf armir, jerry kapawits... and have diamond make an


I believe The next Gta should be located in hawaii, los santos, las venturas, san fierro, vice city with some new cities in between maybe south america or a mexico type city or Cuba instead. Nice freeways insane offroad white beaches tropical jungle etc.. I think aspen colorado would be tits they need snowboarding and skiing think about shooting an uzi while doing a 360! All of this should be combined in to a large map no water in between unless its a river or a lake like a fake lake tahoe! Think about the famous salt flats in utah thet could mean crazy nitro modded cars breaking the land record at least in the game. When it comes to gambling in needs to be the real deal enter like 15 different casinos play slots or high stakes poker oh yeah. The distance between vice city and Hawaii should be massive this is where planes come into play and hawaii should be a large undertaking My idea needs to be implemented I hope Rockstar is listening otherwise they will just make another offshot or episode and this would be bad who cares about cost licensing or any of that release on all platforms at one time they simply make Pc or playstaion players suffer it generally hurts buisness go Rockstar. written my Mikeey7.......

  1. I think that it should be set mainly in San Andreas with the same map and buildings but with the GTA 4 graphics and damage. You should be able to travel to Liberty City, Vice City and be able to purchase houses in all cities, Car dealerships would be good and more enerable shops.Flying should definatly make a comeback . My best idea would be to have new versions of cars but to have old versions aswell, eg; A GTA 4 buffalo and a San Andreas buffalo.I think you should be able to drive from San Andreas to Liberty city by a big freeway with little villages inbetween and some really good supercars!!!Scottb1
  1. I don't really care much for location and protagonist(s). As long as it'll be more like real life than GTA IV. For example, when I drive someone over, the police will chase me. However, when I am driven over the police won't go after the person who drove me over. I'd also like to see other people randomly start shooting, so it's not just you who makes the action in the city. Being able to buy random and pointless stuff such as magazines and such is also what I'd love to see. More clothing options: not put in stores such as Didier Sachs in GTA IV while you won't be able to buy clothes from it. That's all I can think of right now... Master Sima Yi

When operating a weapon, have the option of playing in first pessoa.E to buy a gun, it belongs to him having to be concerned only with the munição.E all weapons would be acquired on the menu, and to use them would put them the group of weapons, as well as in metal gear 3 and true crime NYC.

The game takes place in Rio de Janeiro, because it has poor and violent places, but also places the rich and refinados.Mas if the game is spent in the United States would have an American character white paper.
On the streets have children and isolated areas animals. character can talk to people on the street doing getting nervous and calls them to fight, perhaps also the official cars and weapons, and different ways to make money, such as forming a mob (eg, vice city stories).
It would also have football stadiums and rural areas, and more bars.
And if the game is spent in Rio de Janeiro have a story more focused on the trafficking of drugs and weapons.
  • make it so you can drive around the state, player customization, crime mini games (like burgalery, counter fitting, assassination, and anything that u can think of). and bring airplanes back, parchutes, online gameplay, and maybe skills ( lock picking, stregath, hacking, guns) Star100
  1. Bring back the Rhino!! Hadu08

I think GTA V should be located somwhere in Eastern Europe, ex-USSR country, such as Lithuania, the country is so small, than they could recreate whole country, not only the city. Also this country is so poor, so story could start as protogonist lives somwhere in county side and really needs money

Also They could return us back to London, I would really love that. Also I would like that they would remove explosives, this is not Somalia or Afghanistan, where people walks with them. Paulmafija

Study geography please. Lithuania or other Eastern European countries are much bigger than a city. And they are not that poor.

GTA V Should be in Boston Ma or Colorado (like already said Uzi shot in an air 360!) and Michael Klebbitz should be protagonist or a Rapper Undergoing horrible problems (drugs he lost everything) facing old friends enemies underground fighting.GTA V should also be back in San Andreas. Also for Gta SA Stories play as Brain with every man back from the Grove.And don't have that glitch that if you have a car you see the same one everywhere!When you shoot make it that sometimes police don't see!

  1. I think the next game should have three cities, London, Paris and Berlin. GTA Europe!!! This would be so cool, especially London. Obviously Rockstar needs to change the names to something different. They should also add more variety when shopping or dining. They should also include British, French and German Stereotypes... Very Funny. :) Am I right??? ARC11ARC

3 Cities on 3 different continents,arizona,US,(hotspot for mexican cartels battling their way to pass through US border patrol real chaos),brazil,south america,really bad ghettos(as depicted in MW2),russia or uk,europe(really cool place to be and besides amsterdam is a pretty cool place to be in the game)

Jmoneystl 00:59, February 17, 2010 (UTC)PLEASE.PLEASE, Rockstar I am begging you.Can you guys please make it to take place in the midwest united states.The cities should be St.louis,Detroit,Chicago,and some of illinois country side.PLease message me when you think about it Jmoneystl
  1. Why is everyone talking about cities? The next choice is obvious: LAS VEGAS! It's full of luxury hotels, casinos, and gamblers. Liberty city won't be anything compared to a city based on Las Vegas Younghyun1
  2. Vice City, 2010, RAGE/Euphoria. Epicness shalt ensueth Gerry Spring 13:23, February 17, 2010 (UTC)