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For previous suggestions, see /archive1, /archive2 or /archive3.

This is the Grand Theft Wiki wishlist for the next GTA game after GTA IV.

Please do not repeat other people's suggestions, or say "that was a good idea". Also, no silly/stupid/idiotic/explicit/racist suggestions either. And please, remember to place your suggestion(s) at the bottom of the page.

How To Suggest

  1. Make sure your suggestion hasn't already been suggested
  2. Every different suggestion should have its own entry
  3. Start a new line with a hash (#), write your suggestion, then add THREE tildes (). This will add your screename to the suggestion.

Suggestions for GTA 5

  1. Well, you should be able to go across the country to Vice City, Liberty City, Any City.G0h4n1234
  2. Over at /archive3, number 153 is one of the incomplete suggestions, because they disappeared for some reason. Read that first. Here's my list of characters that might come back again: 8-Ball (our player), Luigi Goterelli, Joey Leone (new leader of the Leone Family), Ken Rosenberg, Kent Paul, Yuka Kasen, Phil Cassidy (back to his boomshine), Maria Latore (with Claude at his apartment), Misty Leone (wife of Joey), Mary-Beth Williams (all grown up because the year is 2004 and becoming like her father with a bit of soft spots), Mitch Baker, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet, Tommy Vercetti (still in control of the Vercetti Gang and giving jobs), Donald Love, BJ Smith, Mercedes Cortez, and Mike of the Vercetti Gang (Tommy's right-hand man since Lance betrayed him). I have new characters that might appear too: Richard G. Newell (8-Ball's friend), Demon Frog Members and the Leader, Pete Vance, Fernando Diaz (Ricardo Diaz's couson wanting revenge on Tommy after the death of his couson). Remember to see /archive3 at number 153 before you see this, thanks! --Mega Sean 45
  3. Taking a leaf from The Godfather/Saints Row, etc, adding some level of grappling would be an interesting addition to gameplay, allowing for stealth takedowns (approaching someone from behind, initiating a grapple, then breaking their neck/putting them in a sleeper hold), using people as a human shield (pretty self-explanatory) or simply as an addition to melee combat, allowing for throws, dirty fighting and, if using a weapon, executions. Sawbones 10:03, January 28, 2010 (UTC)
  4. just recreate San Andreas or Vice city, and bring back car modding, car importing and purchasing houses. and add car dealerships to go and buy cars from, and please do keep the Super Diamond/Super Drop Diamond, Schafter (Gay Tony edition), Huntly Sport, Super GT (GTA IV edition), Coquette, Buffalo police car, Stinger Police car, Blista Compact (GTA IV edition) and Infurnus (GTA IV edition), these cars are easily the best rockstar games has ever made on there GTA games SiK SHIFTER SiK SHIFTER
  5. There should be an london, guy ritchie film feel to it, with silent wepons and have a couple of wepon cycles and have them customizable. the people you kill get rid of the bodies you kill and dispose of them. have the cops not notice were you are all the time and have the silence wepons work on cops so when you kill one, the entire world know were you are and after you at full force. after you complete the game have little disputes like the mafia underworld. I shrongly encourge rockstar north to mak it british because they are a scottish development team they should have their own country in there game.
  6. You should be able to lose body parts (heads, limbs, etc.). There should also be an interior view of the car while driving (they did it in Midnight Club L.A., why can't they do it in GTA?). AfroNinja376
  7. GTA should have a feature to have a safe for your in-game money and some stash for your weapon, like if you want to bring out your RPG and 9mm to use and to put it back later to use. There should also be planes brought back. For the story line the chracter should be a policeman. He works for a corrupt politician and a chief who is similar to Francis McReary in GTA IV.LAzYBaZ
  8. Fixed wing aircraft and customizable weaponsCandymanyyyy


9. You should be some old school gangster and it should be set in 1988 and u could travel to san andreas an back by takin planes and along the way you should meet carl johnson (CJ) by making apperances and coming with u on missions. on multiplayer u should beable to play games like on TLAD and TBOGT you can cutumize your charcter anyway u want just like on saints row and make some even newer multiplayer gamesLuis253 22:56, February 2, 2010 (UTC)Luis253 ]]

  1. It should be set in Los Santos in the 1950s, but re-mapped like Liberty City, one big city with three or plus zones. I would like to see something like the movie L.A. Confidential. The main character should be a black guy, looking like Denzel Washington. The character should be different from the ones we saw in the other games. I think it could be interesting 'cause the GTA series hasn't been set in the '50s yet.~~~