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  • GTA V needs to have a wider range of missions, cars, guns and it must bring back the ability to swim under water. GTAno.1
  • Have a suite hotel with a helicopter landingzone ,and if a house doesnt have a garage it could have a parkingzone like the ones in GTA lV
  • Make the next game take place in 2002
  • Bri ng back the sadler and make it look like a 1994-1998 Chevrolet S-10
  • More realistic car and building damage
  • Make it so when you shoot at things, bullet holes appear
  • Make the Bobcat look more like a 1994-1998 Ford Ranger
  • More realistic pedestrian actions (eg talking on cell phone, drunk, etc.)
  • Have wrecks of cars from GTA3 and GTA vice city
  • Make a wreck of a GTA3 Pony with a bloody dead body inside
  • Make realistic recycle bins (like in San Andreas) but this time with wheels and waste inside
  • Bring back the Master B8R card a have the logo posted on some windows along with FleecaGamerman98 18:16, May 29, 2010 (UTC) Gamerman98
  • Not be in modern days have it be in the 60s or 70s Alfie9000
  • Definatly has to be in modern day, needs to have a Lambroghini for a car, needs to be BACK IN SAN ANDREAS!! and if possible, a mixture of all three Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas, you'll be able to fly to the three by the City's respective airports. now THAT would make an impressive game-Idunno1234567891011 Idunno1234567891011

Gta 5 Should Be in San andreas and you should be able to ride horses like in red dead redemption

  • it should have at least 200 missions
  • It should have a TASER
  • The brakes system needs to be fixed it was pretty bad on 4. And some small things like when running after Ivan on a mission for Vlad and hit a railing don't automaticly run over the railing and fall to your death. Another thing if you reload you game EVERYTHING should get reloaded like if you had a car parked outsie your apartment and moved it then reloaded to BEFORE you moved it it should STILL be thereI'mathing
  • Airport with airplanes where you can go to previous gta city's as a passenger or steal the airplane. Canur11
  • More types of races, like biker races with bats, extreme races (Skydive in boat etc.). Canur11
  • They should make it so that if yo shoot anybody in leg or knee, they wont just hold their stomachs and walk away. and if you shoot them in the arm they hold their arm.
  • Be able to switch between third and first person views but make third person the default view.
  • Be able to enter most buildings or at least lots of them.
  • A god mode cheat code.
  • Populate the world A LOT more. If I enter an air port, I want to see tons of people.
  • Make a CD place so not only do we have radio stations but now we can buy CDs that have real life music on them (along with music composed by developers). If you want to use the CDs in a car, first you turn off the radio and then you have 2 options: 'Turn on Radio' or 'Listen to CD'. Then a windows pops up and asks you for which CD you want to play. You select one and go. If you want to get custom CDs (like from your own MP3 files) then you have to go to the Music Shop / CD Place (where you get the CDs) and then get on the computer at the shop. Then you select, 'Upload Music' and basically you get a disk, put it in the computer and then select files on your system (a window will pop up) to upload onto the disk. Then wait for it to finish and get your CD out of the computer. Congratulations, you now have a custom CD.

--Insane! 06:31, May 30, 2010 (UTC)


GTA V 5 Like an more Multiplayer Based Game more Multiplayer Game Modes like Roleplay GameMode where every one can chose what they want to be in game and do what they wanna to do more info of the game mode here GTA RolePlay Online Game Mode more choices in the online gameplay modes be who want to be in a player model any player model and in online game play more choices to be more gta communities like in real life bring some police communities for clans and terrorrists racers heroes singers and not only mafia based game like gta iv we want a more online and based game more realistic and allmost the games use shell gas stations a real car brands idk why RockStar Games do not use too but ill be more cool idea and maybe with that prevent from the GTA mods and about gta v 5 city i think gta london

  • More realistic pedestrians, have pets and kids in the game. The game should be set in 2002, and have a similar map size to San Andreas. Gunshot wounds and other damage to buildings will be better. Campsolkyweb
  • the inclusion of things like 'Rampages' would be cool.
  • i want it to be in london

  • I think you should have to ability to damage buildings, not so that they never come back or they are permanently damaged but so that over a period of something like 14 in game days they building is repaired. More buildings should be accessable and have small things to do in them whether it be rob it or something. I think more weapons should be added with realistic prices for ammo, about 5 melee weapons, 4 pistols, 4 shotguns, 5 SMG's, 3 assualt rifles, 3 heavy weapons, 2 snipers, 3 thrown items. if possible mabe two different types of ammo for each gun, like one ammo which is less accurate but more powerful and the other vice versa so it suits what you need it for. The story should have at least 150 missions with at least half of them having different endings. The story should be more revolving around gangs with you at the start of the game being able to join a gang and eventually rank up the board to be the leader (this is separate to the story line, its like a "big side mission".) You should be able to recruit people off the street into your gang and some of your loyal members you should be able to equip things to them like guns. You should be able to sell and deal drugs. Pedestrians should do even more realistic things like get drunk :P I think more cars should be added as well as more streets, maybe the size of San andreas and Vice City put together. It should be in the hood, so it feels more "gangsta" lol. Have it either set in Los Angeles or Kingston, Jamaica so it has the gangsta feel. You should be able to do more things with your money on the game instead of only using it for buying guns. This means you should be able to mod your house with new furniture and stuff. You should be able to buy your own unique car with interior and exterior to your taste. Bring back modding your ride like in San andreas! Siloz141097
  • On one star the police should come after you with guns drawn maybe have close quarters Combat with you.
  • On two star the police will be prepared to fire at you but will try to finish you off by arresting you. They will follow you in police bikes and cars and try to stop you that way. They will use only a pistol if attemping to arrest you
  • On three star you get a police chopper after you and they will lay spike strips to get you. They are more likely to shoot you to death than arrest you but they still might arrest you if they get you from behind. They use pistols and shotguns.
  • On four star, unmarked units come after you armed with combat shotguns and combat pistols, the choppers will be armed with ak 47's. Also the odd swat team will come after you armed with AK47's. They will not arrest you but kill you. They will now use more challenging chase tactics like P.I.T. manuvers and ramming off the road.
  • On 5 stars swat teams will definatly come hardly any cops. One swat van contains 10 SWAT's. 3 armed with different types of SMG, 2 with shotguns. and 5 with AK's and M4's. Sharpshooters will be on roofs with deadly accurate snipers and try to take you out. Helicopters shoot at you all the time with really accurate snipers. They will only drive by you if they have a very good opportunity. They are much more cautious then on GTA IV where the would just run in with guns blazing. They always take cover and try to box you in.
  • On 6 stars FBI will come as well and SWAT NO police units come. Every one you face is armed. Out of 10 people, 2 will be armed with shotguns, 3 with SMG's, 3 with M4's, 1 with a sniper. One with a MINIGUN. All helicopters use miniguns.
  • To get away from the cops you can stay out of their site (in a alley) for at least 1 hour in game time. Every other way of getting away from them on GTA IV is also a way of getting away.
  • Gangs are armed, mostly with pistols or mac 10's, come with shotguns and maybe one in each area with an AK. in a gang war that changes with most armed with automatic weapons. Some houses that are accessible are owned by gang members who chase you and shoot.
  • Gang members do drive by's at night and do attacks on other gangs territory aswell which you might happen to watch.
  • Police will chase on foot and in car pedestrians for disobeying the law. Maybe once in the whole game you witness a 5 or 6 star attack on another person. 4 star would happen about 4 times thoughout your time doing missions and wandering around. 2 and 3 stars may happen fairly regulary and 1 star happens regulary.Siloz141097

  • The weapons should be: For melee weapons: Knives, baseball bats, machetes, Crowbars and chainsaws.
  • For pistols it should be: Tasers, Glock 17, Colt 1911, Desert Eagle and .357 Magnum. For Shotguns it should be: Sawed off shotgun, Small M500, Beretta 1201fp, Saiga 12 and AA12. For SMG's it should be: Tec 9, Scorpion, Mac 10, MP5 and P90. Rifles it should be M1 Garand, M1A, FAL. Assualt rifles it should be M16, AK47, SCAR H, and M4. For heavy weapons it should be: PKM, M60E4 and M249, RPG-7 and stinger. Snipers should be: Kar98k, SVD, M14 EBR, Barett 50.Cal. Thrown weapons should be Flashbangs, Molotovs and Grag grenades.Siloz141097
  • GTA Saudi Arabia with camels and the first nice GTA hero (like he will ASK for rides). Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • NOT having to choose between guns (like two different pistols - you can only have one type of pistol) (in GTA 5 you can have every gun at once) Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Character customization disguised as "plastic surgery" in-game. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Expand the in-game internet. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Interact with websites other than the ringtone one. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Buy more houses like in San Andreas. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Infinite garage and putting cars in like the Saint's Row garage. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Cops aren't retarded and don't pop out of nowhere. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Easter Eggs. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Easter egg gun much like the Call Of Duty: World at War Ray Gun. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • More friends (like not just the ones the game shows you in the storyline) with benefits. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Jobs and chore-like tasks. Deathsculler 15:35, May 30, 2010 (UTC)
  • Slow down game hour to make it longer.
  • Picador and each part of the car can be painted a different color Ogachi
  • Transfender and other car customisation
  • commit suicide cheat
  • more internet access
  • 7 stars? or six & the army comes after you (instead of F.I.B.)
  • instead of jacking cars you can hire or buy cars (like a mod in GTA IV) but not a mod
  • realistic cops, weapons,missions.
  • all GTA worlds accessed in 1 game!
  • if lights go out police control the streets
  • more police patrold and more police "on our streets"
  • more people in the storylines that you play in earlier games.
  • cars appear sometimes with large dents/cracks or panel damage if smashed into other cars (when not yet seen smashed)
  • more funny stuff (e.g. a policeman went drinking and was fired after his apperance the next day) HAHA LOL
  • gang teritory takeover
  • full body customisation and more clothes choices (e.g. police uniform, valet, countryside)
  • GTA fanatic 02:55, May 31, 2010 (UTC)
  • well there needs to be more trucks. lifted trucks like chevys, fords, and dodges. This way the the city isn't all cars. Add lifted trucks or trucks period.Redneck 1 13:40, May 31, 2010 (UTC)redneck 1
  • Please include a comedy club with Russell Howard, or better still have Russell Howard's Good News as a TV Show or Mock the Week as a TV Show. Addicted2gta 15:18, May 31, 2010 (UTC)
  1. Houses with interiours,garages, helipads(not all of them)
  1. 80s!
  1. Helicopters
  1. Planes
  2. Vice City AND Liberty City(gta 3)
  • Have the next protagonist be a woman/ cars have limited fuel requiring filling up Blazertracer
  • Opening mission start with gulf war or terrorist attack of 9/11 Stupidguy
  • Main Character should be able to shoot through walls. (But enemies should not, wouldn't turn out well.) Japuoop

Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas Gtacg360 have more weapons and more cheats and put nos on the cars again.And also rather just than having an rpg (rocket launcher) bring back the bazooka.and bring back more planes and the ability to fly them. Also give the ability to drive trains,and out of nowhere put more gangs in it would be really cool if it had yakuza (japanese mob).Also bring the katana back,speaking of katana have more gruesome and realistic themes by gruesome i mean gut spillage ,decapitation and,limbs torn off and a lot of blood. also bring back decked out cars.I was also thinking to put real mysteries in too.this is something i never seen but put kids in the game lol.also have the ability to swim underwater,and have little towns out in the countryside like in san andreasand have more resturaunts to make the game like real life it would be way better.

  • To have double Pistols and SMG'S in your hands.

Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas Gtacg360 have more weapons and more cheats and put nos on the cars again.And also rather just than having an rpg (rocket launcher) bring back the bazooka.and bring back more planes and the ability to fly them. Also give the ability to drive trains,and out of nowhere put more gangs in it would be really cool if it had yakuza (japanese mob).Also bring the katana back,speaking of katana have more gruesome and realistic themes by gruesome i mean gut spillage ,decapitation and,limbs torn off and a lot of blood. also bring back decked out cars.I was also thinking to put real mysteries in too.this is something i never seen but put kids in the game lol.also have the ability to swim underwater,and have little towns out in the countryside like in san andreas and have more resturaunts to make the game like real life it would be way better.

  • To have the ability to apply for jobs and also be able to have a Jetpack.
  • Niko Bellic needs to be brought back, and he should be able to skydive and wield dual 1911 Colts. Niko should also become a citizen.Drogo
  • I think another wish is to be able to have a hitman as a job like your friends or people call you and someone's bothering them they hire you and then you can hunt them down for money. And add political people like Mayors or Presidents or Governers. Zzzzkkkkaaaa

*I would love to see vice city again but with improved graphics~~

  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas TBOGTLopez

*I would love to see vice city again but with improved graphics and the protagonist is new to the country,he has the ability to dive underwater,bring back the gold uzi,super drop diamond,new and p TBOGTLopez

  • I would love to see Vice City again with improved graphics and realistc, and Tommy Vercetti,only h is the boss you'll be working for,just like Tony and Luis.the protagonist should be able to dive underwater again,he can snatch money from peds,rob banks and buy cars ,buy a mansion,the ability to fly planes,large boats,and enter houses,bring back the sawn off shotgun,gold uzi,aa12 and the parachute,bullet gt and super drop diamond,able to have sex with girlfriends,can buy anything on the ingame internet,can dance and can crash through windows,and able to interact with ridesTBOGTLopez
  • make it posible to be drunk in multiplayer.
  • and make it posible to go into several houses to rob the people. Jandoedel
**make it so that you can listen to your iPod on foot
**bring back San Andreas which was by far the best map ever!
**I miss the countryside and the desert
**more enterable buildings
**more realistic pedestrians e.g. people get arrested, people robbing shops, car theft, people coming home from work
**realistic time instead of 1 minute=2 seconds(real time)
**busier airports e.g. enterable/destroyable planes that take off
**you can hold up trains, planes and taxis
**you can go to see gigs from whatever era like with love fist and phil collins
** An indie radio station
**music shop
**driving/flying/sailing school
**ability to call a taxi
**5 times more missions than in gta IV 
**dont take it to london as over her in the uk guns arent as easy to get a holdof as in the usa
**continue CJ's story
**Bring back Tony Vercetti
**Make Ken Rosenburg your Lawer again and u can call him to bust you out of jail
**when you get arrested you can:1. pay a fine 2. Call your Lawer (Possibly Ken Rosenburg) 3. Spend the night in the cell where you have the chance to bust yourself out of prison
**Real T.V. shows e.g. Mock The Week, Russel Howards good news, TOP GEAR!
**Edgier and more emotional storyline for examble cj and sweets relationship and the betrayal by Big Smoke and Ryder
**be able to travel between cities with possibly a new city?
**All cities added together to create a super map with a new city based on Washington D.C. You can travel between cities via Plane, boat, ferry
**More memorable missions and storylines
**Silenced Pistol
**shooting range
**more night clubs and pubs
**past radio stations added to the station list: k-dst, flash fm VCPR (rofl)
**A t.v.filming studio 
**Fully enterable police station, hospitals, prisons, Army Barracks.
**Vic Vance is hunting down Tony Vercetti for murdering Lance Vance (Dance) [Note: Vic Vance was dead from the start of VC; TOMMY Vercetti didn't kill Lance until the ending of VC, when Vic was already dead.]
**san andreas stories?????Wee2208
* if you stop a car in the middle of the street it will cause a long traffic jam
  • Bring back, Yusuf Amir & Rocco Pelosi RUN ROMAN! RUN!!
  • If it were to be set in a different country, have it set in Germany so they can have all the German cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc. or Tokyo would be cool too so u could have the GT-R and get involved with the Yakuza Kuhawks2012
* Have Parachutes Reedo
  • I would like to be able to go into more shops and be able to break into other apartments. Make it more real like. Also, make it so that we can BUY safehouses, cars, stock, and etc, then have create more jobs to pay for that. Djsalinas93
  • Have a way better split screen multi player Jake777
*Bring back the body building (get fat , get muscular,get skinny)~~
*Better clothes to buy~~
*The main character should be a gangsta like in GTA San Andreas~~
*More girlrfriends to be available for you to date~~
  • It needs the ability to be able to go to all the places the GTA games were in COP1266
  • Needs the weapons from all GTA games COP1266
  • It should have as many missions as GTA:SA COP1266
  • Bring back the original GTA -feel (versatility without having all the unnecessity like in GTA IV). DDDeZ
* more police options/personalizations (being able to wear police uniform, police missions, etc.).  Return to San andreas.Jgwentworth1500

My ideas.

* I think there should be more destruction in GTA5. When you hit a building at a fast speed with a car, the building takes damage, and it’s clearly visible. After a few days, it starts to heal and repairs itself.
   * More customization. I’m talking EVERYTHING- maybe even possibly the gender. This would affect the storyline though, so maybe not the gender. But I’d like detailed customization- everything from the hair to the shoes. All of this will cost a small amount of money, which can be earned back by killing civilians and taking their money or doing missions.
   * A custom, player-owned vehicle. After a specific mission, maybe the player will be allowed their own car. They have to pay for the specific model (Let’s say the Infernus is $30,000, while the Admiral would be $2,000.) and for additional details such as colour, parts (To increase speed) and various other details. The vehicle always spawns at the player’s safehouse.
   * Bigger city. Perhaps the ability to go back to other cities, such as GTA3′s Liberty City (If this is done, it better be EXACTLY like it is in GTA3. Nostalgia trip ftw) or modern day Vice City.
   * More talk show radio! I got sick of the radio halfway through the game. My favourite stations were K-Chat and VCPR, which got old after awhile, considering I’ve listened to each station millions of times. The music wasn’t that good, so usually I just listened to nothing. Lol. But the radio should last me the whole game!
   * A VERY large series of weapons would be nice. Such as weapons from previous titles, and maybe even some new ones.
   * More end-game content. Bigger city = more packages?
   * Ability to cause mischief. If there is a cell phone, perhaps the player can prank call people?
  • I think that pedestrians should be more interactive so you can do little jobs for them like The Godfather 2 and they should be able to chat, argue and have a relationship and if people in any GTA game like Roman in GTA IV is vital you should see them in your penthouse and stuff. More interactions with the strippers, prostitutes and buildings too. Also they could bring back the fun in if you eat too many burgers you get fat and stuff. The best part would be real jobs like delivering pizza and also having kids and pets. Character cusomizeation will be cool also making food would! OmarTheJag 09:58, June 3, 2010 (UTC)
  • There should be a GTA San Andreas stories or something like that
  • And the main character should be a girl, maybe Catalina or Kendel or Beverly Johnson
  • If it will be the last GTA there should be characters from: GTA III : Claude, Catalina , Maria Latore, Salvatore Leone; GTA Vice City: Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance, Sonny Forelli, Ken Rosenborg, Ricardo Diaz; GTA San Andreas : CJ, Sweet, Ryder, Big Smoke, C.R.A.S.H, OG LOC, Woozie, Kent Paul, Maccer, Madd Dogg, Cesar Vialpando, The Truth, Mike Toreno; And from GTA IV: Niko Belic, Roman Belic, Luis Lopez, Johnny Klebitz, Tony Prince
  • try to make more cheats and put a lot more weapons and put the planes back.
  • Make traffic behave more realistically. Like in missions in GTA IV where cars cut you off and there are large vehicles like buses and semi trucks on the road along with the normal cars. Make it more like that, but all the time. Also, make semi trucks be able to hitch up to trailers again. And give the traffic more variety. I don't want to drive by 23 Ranchers sitting together.. Mix it up a little. And return to San Andreas. and the towtruckPlymouthSuperbird99
  • Should take place in Carcer City, Midwest, Texas, Canada, or any other place mentioned in GTA 4. Also, should have the ability to use Airport to fly to places, or take the highway and drive to other areas like in San Andreas. All Im saying is I was a little disappointed when I couldnt fly to Vice City in GTA 4. LAG4U
  • Customizable characters including how your appearance affects the storyline. For example, if you are a woman, you can date guys or do activities made specifically for women (like no more strip club). Also, since racism is such a big concern in the Grand Theft Auto world, if you are a certain race, you cannot join certain ethnic gangs or if you wander into the wrong neighbrohood, you get strange looks or assaulted. Another cool thing would be if you could join the gang of your choice. LAG4U
  • Have the protagonist be the guy who assasinated JFK JR. and have the story go back a year before he killed jfk jr. then the last mission will be assasinating him. Hangman'sJoke
  • I think a lot more should be done with money. Make it so that the player can pay for more things, like apartments, cars, etc. Have rent/bills too. Because, in GTA 4, there's really nothing to spend the money on. Some clothes, cheap food...and that's about it. Cash should be less plentiful, as well. I also suggest that the player can open up rackets and/or collect from them around the map. Maybe recruit thugs off the street to watch over their rackets, too. If it's only possible to earn money by doing a job or two for big shots around the city, the player is missing out on a big part of crime. FanOfRealism

be able to have "special cars" like semi's being able to attach to a trailer, or a working tow truck, forklift. and be able to customize the cars and have more cars, planes, helicopers, cop car models, bikes, everything, and beaable to buy stuff like cars, boats homes, businesses .

just make it more real

  • The storyline would have alternate endings just like in GTA IV. where the player would choose between two paths to take either he/she wants to be on the good side or the bad side. That way'll make the story WAY more interesting. MusicJunction
  • Use the same physics engine that was used in red dead redemption, so if they are shot, it looks real and its different every time. and if there shot in the leg, they limp, etc.

  • A map kinda like San Andreas (don't need to be SA), however it should have most landscape elements like

forest, city, desert, mountain, snow/ice (cold place far from desert) , swamp, steppes(grassland) e.t.c

while trying to not make too empty places (kinda hard to do, but can be done)

  • Bring back air planes (at least the Harrier)

wich means there should be several airfields ingame (total realism can never be achived so no point excluding air planes)

  • Be able to buy property and factorys/workspots like in SA and VC, (the money you are collecting from factorys/workspots are gained easly

by just be payed every now and then, not by visiting (mayby factory upgrades from VCS would be nice, just mayby).

  • Mayby Gta 5 should be the whole world (not MMO, or mayby it should be a MMO......idk), starting with some important capitals like:

New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Bejing, London, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Sydney and Tokyo. Later there would be expansions that would have more citys like Madrid, Paris, Mexico City, Johannesburg, Rome, Dubai, Berlin e.t.c.

  • And also custimize character. like face, clothes, measurments and even gender Jack101jack
  • They should base it of Detroit and call it Rock City...(also a good classic movie)
  • they should tell the story of how the grove came to be and if they dont atleast make the players more customizable like san andreas
  • People should be able too bleed out, not just run away stumbling
  • Realistic car names.
  • Tear your clothes from bullets fight or other activities in which you may hurt yourself.
  • Choose froma variety of characters
  • More clothes options.
  • The Breaked glasses of the vehicles and buildings can be on the ground,and if crash a car or making exploding a bomb the wall will collapse
  • the buildings collapses if throwing a bomb onto it or crash a car in it
  • Bring back the weapon stats so that as you progress you can dual weild, run while shooting, jog while shooting, and move while shooting , and also improve the accuracy. Bring back the shooting range with a every weapon unlocked at that sstage able to be tried out. Maybe even somewhere, like if there was countryside, a assualt cource where you have to shoot down moving targets. Maybe even a "airsoft gun war" so you are in teams and you have to capture a object and bring it to your base without getting shot down. Bring back robbery missions!! Siloz141097