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Community:GTA V Wishlist/archive7/instructions

  • Set the game in something different besides New York and popular cities. Instead have an accurate depiction of St. Louis. Call it GTA: St. Clark . The Entire Metrolink system should be included along with the Metrobus systems (in a different name like Tri-CityLink). Have 4 local newschannels on TV that seem like their in competition with each other. Also put rail yards in places with long freight trains (however the trains should cross the roads during free roam time not during missions unless it helps the player or dosen't effect them, like in a cutscene). Also, parts of Illinois that are in the entire st louis area can be their. The Island can be called Lincoln. Put cities like East St. Clark (East St. Louis, Concrete City (Granite City), etc. St. Clark County should also have cities a small cities based on their real counterparts in St. Louis County.BlackBoi18
  • i think explosions should be like balllad of gay tony mission bang bang when the crain fell.i also think they shound bring back the hydra and the the start of the game i think your car should be a black 535is bmw but if want futher in the game you can buy other cars .it should be based in 2006 or 2010 .the citys shound be miami,las venturas and and anywere in america . it would be fanstastic to be from the beginning of the the game to be a head of a massive crime family.i think there should be 7 crime familys.also there shound be a massive map with deserts a forest mountains . there should be over 300 explosive missions .also i think the introduction shound come out with a bang.and i think they shound bring back gang wars for territories .and take over lots of bussinessis like clubs and bars and casinos . and i think they shounld bring back more planes and new cars .and in the storyline they shound do like 6 missions were you kidnapp a billionair .you shound be able to call for backup more better clothes like a polo top trackies jackets and suits .also there should be children and animals.there should be holets that you can take over and more mansions .the cheats shold be a moneys and many more.
  • and whe someone gets killed a news van comes and reports it and your gang members should have miniguns,ak47s,desert eagles and smgs

this should be in gta 5

  • be able to enter all buildings
  • should be called gta vice city corrupt vacations
  • a lot of planes
  • alot of helicopters
  • cj or niko bellic as protaginists
  • for all game systems
  • more stars
  • a lot of army things/accsessories
  • 1,000 different vehicles
  • mike toreno
  • the truth
  • sweet johnson
  • ceaser vialpando
  • gay tony
  • more island
  • more boats
  • more activities
  • jetpack
  • bust out of jail unless have money
  • more cops
  • more weapons marine,army,ghetto
  • madd dogg
  • snoop dogg
  • ice cube
  • telivision
  • real websites
  • unlimited money cheat
  • all cars cheat