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* Launch it in PSP, make the helipad in home and make mod garage for motorcycle or plane [[User:Raihan Nadhifa|Raihan Nadhifa]]
* Launch it in PSP, make the helipad in home and make mod garage for motorcycle or plane [[User:Raihan Nadhifa|Raihan Nadhifa]]
* I think you should be able to get tickets like speeding tickets reckless driving or red light tickets or stop sign tickets and there should be an option to pay it or refuse and there should be an option to turn tickets on or off [[User:Jesse.brager|Jesse.brager]]

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  • Plane crashes. It should be randomly and rare, but when youre riding a plane (private or commercial), a motor bursts or a wing collapses and the plane will inevitably fall, crash and burn, you get a parachute and you must jump off or be killed in the crash Darionkin
  • Replace this text with your suggestion, but leave the asterisk/star and the wavy tildas TheGTAManiac
  • It should have ragdoll physics.
  • have an option for cops in the menu screen and all weapons should have auto aiming inclueding when in any vechicle and there should also be more weapons available in vechicle and sticky bombs should be able to stick to people once again and create more missions that last longer so that the game will take longer than one day to complete. Also you should own a long black limo and a driver that wears black jacket like Luis gets to wear in Grand Theft Auto - The Ballard of Gay Tony with a black tie and trousers and shoes with a white shirt which your character should also get to wear and many more options in clothes and the clothes shops should be accessable and you should get control of all the windows in all the cars which should be real cars from the real world . And for the city location all the great things from around the world like the Eiffel Tower and the leaning tower of Pizza and Statue of Liberty etc. and make a world with all these great attractions including Disney Land and Alton Towers and any other theme parks into one world that sort of looks like Las Vegas where you can gamble just like in Las Vegas D. Shields
  • How about a Blues radio station, or/and a 60's station? Maybe a 50's rock'n'roll station even? Dave0566
  • bring back missions for the ambulance, taxi, fire truck, transport truck ect. And if you are just driving around ainlessly in a taxi people should hail you and u can stop or drive away. Also have uniforms for these vehicles which can be unlocked by doing the missions Porterguy

Bring Back K Rose

  • __________________________________
  • All the weapons from TBoGT
  • Sticky bombs can attach to people
  • Ever play Army of Two? Take the weapon customization from that and put it into GTA V
  • Clothing system from GTA SA
  • Ability to record videos on PS3 and/or 360
  • Make the Cheats thing appear at very bottom of phone, I hate accidentally starting the SIXAXIS Tutorial
  • Gang Wars or something like that, like whenever you complete X number of them a new weapon spawns at Safeouse(s)
  • M134
  • DAO-X
  • Fun cheats
  • Riot Cheat, or a mission that causes a riot (i.e. the mission Riot in gta sa, it was based off of Rodney King Riots)
  • Explosive bullets cheat (not explosive sniper bullet, explosive bullet in general)
  • Kids (they can carry RPGs and blow you to hell if you shoot them)
  • Cross necklace(s)
  • An extremely rare car called "Perfecto", it's the most perfect car in the game and has machine gun attachments and can FLY
  • When you complete storyline, you get a shirt that says, "I beat GTA V and all I got was this lousy T-Shit"
  • Lol
  • Packie McReary makes an appearance(s), suggesting he went to Vice City
  • Oh, I forgot, make it in Vice City :P
  • A favorites side bar on the internet to save websites (i.e. Little Lacy Surprise Pageant, whattheydonotwantyoutoknow, etc.)
  • Build/Upgrade properties like in GTA VCS
  • Police use motorcycles
  • Safehouse(s) that have dockyards to save boats
  • Update whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com
  • As that chimpo guy said, BRING BACK PLANES!!!
  • A "zombie" cheat, would be like the mod(s) that make everyone be zombies and they bite you and you can recruit survivors :D
  • Katana
  • Laser sword :P
  • A straight guy named Tony :P
  • Full character customization from GTA SA
  • Cheats in Party Mode
  • Invincibility cheat
  • Freeze wanted level cheat
  • Flying cars cheat
  • flying motorcycles cheat
  • Flying EVERYTHING cheat
  • peds have weapons cheat
  • Spawn random ped cheat
  • Blimps
  • Changes seasons, and in winter season there's people that dress up and walk around as santa and you can kill them that would be hilarious
  • Good citizen bonus!!!
  • Samuel L. Jackson gets a role. I know he played Frank Tenpenny in GTA SA (lol he's in everything), but still, he's pretty badass
  • Rocco Pelosi gets killed :P
  • Definately do NOT bring back any protagonists, they all had their time and their time is over.
  • Bring back stats, gyms, and basketball from gta sa
  • Make it so people in a line of cars behind you at a stoplight will not try to drive around you. They can still yell and curse you out but they shouldn't drive around you. ZWolfman
  • Ability to be friendly with cops when you help them execute a terrorist or law breakers.. it should occur randomly
  • Bring back the Cargo truck and airport buggy w/ cargo attachments!
  • Bring back The features that rockstar deleted in san andreas
  • be able to apply for a pilot licence and fly commercial airplanes like the huge ones in gta 4
  • put more weapons,create saving spots for boats/helicopters,u can play with other players,and you can travel to other games(like you can take a plane to vice city or liberty city or san andreas),and have WAY more clothes options like in san andreas Lookitsyomomma
  • Have Ice Cube as the protaganist,the hood (not like gta sa), Set it back in Los Santos but have it as if the main characters son was taken by rival gang members, have the main character who should be named Tyrese James Smith " TJ " Who is a multi platnum rapper, Go through a VERY LONG journey to get his kid back, Have it to the extreme where his wife ends up hustling to get enough money to buy a plane ticket to live with her parents because she doesnt like what Tyrese is doing. Bobby Smith, Tyrese's brother/producer/undercover officer ( with Tyrese knowing) voiced by Drake building an undercover case to take down the gang members, Bring back the hydrolics, Give Tyrese a private jet, Be abled to go to Vice City without being in a mission, Get a sawed off shot gun, A warehouse filled with cool guns and fast cars, Have Tyrese live in a Mansion with your friends and family living there, Dont Kill anyone close to you, Have the option to kill rival rappers and gang members, Have 50 cent be your cousin named Andre Lopez, And have Dr Dre as your best friend named Ryan King, Have Ray J as your other brother named Chris Smith, And Chris Rock as your cousin Andre's 1st brother named Brandon Lopez and have Kanye West as Andre's 2nd brother William Lopez, Lastly have LL Cool J as the Antagonist.Mcmgrandxii 04:21, August 17, 2010 (UTC)Mcmgrandxii
  • Bring back the rhino tank and the Hydra army plane from gta sa
  • ulimited ammo and your limo driver should open a close your door for you and when parking your cars at your house there should be a big underground garage that when you park in the space outside and that space is an elavator that lowers any of your cars down then when the car is lowered down the gap in the road should be filled up with road that extends form the side of the whole in the road where the elavator was and where ever you park the car it should stay there in the exact same poistion and it shuld remain the same colour and then that car should remain there even if you drove the car out and blew it up there would still be a version there in the same space and colour and there should also be a space you can park a car in if you no longer want it in the garage and the limo should have a big space for it to park in as well and there should be another elavator that takes you up into your really big house Danielrichardshields
  • Maybe it could re-visit the GTA III era, answer all the questions and mysteries by fans GTAGAFF
  • Restore all the protagonist from GTA III era ang see them in the stories!!!! XD
  • Bring back Donald love!! :))
  • The planes must be speeder when played in the games!! ^___^
  • This mission must be longer than GTA San Andreas but not difficult
  • Have all cranes able to use and car crushers and for the pay & spray garages give a list of colours to choose from instead of having to keep driving in & out waiting for the colour you want and all the characters from previous Grand Theft Auto's should be in the game either as friends or work partners and the take out restraunts should be like McDonald's and Burger King and there should be fish & chip shops and chineases and Indian's etc. and if there are workers and builders etc. the work should proceed the further you proceed through the game and by the ed of the game the work should be completed and there should b real celibrity's playing them self in the game. For the bridges there should be a couple that lift up to let ferri's and other big boates through even when you are driving them Danielrichardshields 15:18, August 17, 2010 (UTC)
  • The character and all other characters should wear seatbelts so if you crash you wont go flying through the front windscreen and there should be an option in the menu screen to make you invincible Danielrichardshields
  • Have a cheat that turns peds into zombies but with the odd survivors and have objectives/achievements/trophies that are only available with the cheat active, this would almost double the variety in the game. The JOLF
  • you should make it towhere if you get shot bulletholes pop up
  • not just squirting blood. but leave the physics realisticability of the gta 4 era
  • and make the player only be able to take up to 3 shots from a gun. no planes. realisticability. and leave niko as the protagonist. BOOGARBEAR
  • be able to steal rockets to go to space from the science center and see U.F.O's and fint other places, and go underground...
  • Set the game in the 1950's
  • make a game titled GTA: USA, having all of the most famous metropolitan cities around the united states but rename them. also bring back the airplane flying. make a huge map to travel around in so the players wont lose interest in traveling around the same place all the time. make the players spend their money in restaurants, gyms, bars, clubs, and other places and make them abundant around the map. lots of safehouses need to be included so we all can save the game quicker rather than only having 3-4 safehouses to travel to. more weapons and customizable cars would be nice aswell.
  • Launch it in PSP, make the helipad in home and make mod garage for motorcycle or plane Raihan Nadhifa
  • I think you should be able to get tickets like speeding tickets reckless driving or red light tickets or stop sign tickets and there should be an option to pay it or refuse and there should be an option to turn tickets on or off Jesse.brager