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Grand Theft Wiki needs your help to spread the good word. The more users use this wiki, the more people that your content can help! This leads to more users editing and improving all the content on this wiki! How can that not be a good thing?

How can I help?

You can spread the word by:

  • Adding a link or image to your signature or profile on any forum or site
  • Adding a link to Grand Theft Wiki on any sites you run, edit or work on
  • Persuading other relevant websites to add a link to Grand Theft Wiki
  • Tell your friends about the amazing content on this site

How do I make a link?

There are many different methods of making a link, depending on what the website uses:

Wiki Link
[ Grand Theft Wiki]
 [   Subject on Grand Theft Wiki]
BBCode (for forums)
[url=]Grand Theft Wiki[/url]
HTML (for your own website)
<a href="">Grand Theft Wiki</a>

What about pictures for my signature?

We have a small selection of forum signature images which you are very welcome to use!

If you feel like making one, upload it and add it to that page!