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The purpose of this community project is to revamp the help page. This means improving the clarity, consistency and general content of the help pages on Grand Theft Wiki. Please feel free to help!

Where do we Start?

You might be reading this and feeling a little lost on where to start, this is a pretty large community project! So lets make it easier by pointing out some of the fundamental jobs:

Pages which need revamping/updating
  • Help:Basics- This page has just been created, meaning it is only at it's early stages of development. This page needs expanding and revamped as the consistency is messy.
  • Help:How To- is a rather vague page and needs to be re-written, updated and expanded.
  • Help:Profile Tools- This page is largely outdated and needs expanding.

Wanted Help Pages

For every other help page
  • Check and perform cleanup if needed
  • Expand and add necessary information
  • Ease the complexity and language used to make it easier to understand
  • Merge particular help pages together (administrators and above)

Note: When creating a help page, remember to add a {{help}} to the top, to improve the ease of identifying a help page.

The project is already underway and I hope you can help! Have any additional ideas for any other tasks for this project? Feel free to add on here or discuss on the talk page.