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Ok, I don't want to seem like an ass, but there are some redundant or just plain silly gripes, here...

"There is no Tank in this game, nor are there airplanes."

I do agree that airplanes kick ass, but in GTA4, you could only fly in a circle, because there's only one airport.

"The Hand-to-Hand Combat is not as good as in San Andreas."

Care to explain? It seems much better to me.

"You can't evade or outrun your wanted level in a helicopter"

Yes you can. Just not under certain circumstances.

"There aren't as many differnt clothing styles and options as there used to be, especially in San Andreas and theres very few "silly" options like mad hats and such"

This has already been said.

"Some missions are somewhat difficult to pass"

This is true of pretty much every game ever made.

"No matter how hard players try to get away from the police's radius, cops seem to spawn near the player's vehicle. Hiding is nearly impossible, even on secluded areas"

It is not 'nearly impossible' to shake a wanted level. I don't want to sound rude, but I can't think of a way not to... if you have trouble shaking wanted levels, you're either doing something to REALLY piss off the cops and get 4+ starts, or you need to play smarter. Even a 3 star level isn't TOO hard to get rid of if you know what you're doing.

"How the Voodoo was changed"

It was?

Talk to me, here.