Completion in GTA III

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To get completion in Grand Theft Auto III you need to complete all the things listed here.

Portland story missions

The Introduction
Luigi Goterelli
Joey Leone
Toni Cipriani
Salvatore Leone

Staunton Island story missions

Asuka Kasen
Kenji Kasen
Ray Machowski
Donald Love
Asuka Kasen

Shoreside Vale story missions


Pay-Phone missions

Marty Chonks
El Burro
King Courtney

Off-Road missions

Remote controlled vehicle missions

Vehicle missions




  • After completing Last Requests, any remaining missions for Luigi Goterelli, Joey Leone and Toni Cipriani will be permanently disabled, preventing the player from achieving completion.
  • After completing Waka-Gashira Wipeout, any remaining missions for Kenji Kasen will be permanently disabled, also preventing the player from achieving completion.
  • Unlike succeeding Grand Theft Auto games, there are no rewards at completion.