Completion in GTA IV

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Required For 100%

Complete the main story missions Complete all 10 drug deliveries for Jacob Win all 9 races for Brucie at least once Exotic Imports for Brucie Assassination missions Complete all 30 car thefts for Stevie Brucie - Unlock special ability Jacob - Unlock special ability Packie - Unlock special ability Brucie - Do all available activities Jacob - Do all available activities Packie - Do all available activities Beat computer or friend pool Beat computer or friend darts Beat computer or friend in a full game of bowling Get the high score in the Qub3d arcade game Do all random character missions (excluding Jeff, Ivan, Clarence, and Cherise) Complete all the Most Wanted missions via police computer Kill 20 criminals via police computer using the "Recent Crimes" option Kill all 200 Pigeons Complete all 50 unique stunt jumps


  • Once the game is completed 100%, you can buy an unlimited amount of ammunition.
  • Killing all 200 pigeons will unlock the Annihilator helicopter.
  • When completing all 10 drug deliveries, Little Jacob will tell you about a Rastah Huntley behind the Cafe.