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Required For 100%

To attain 100% in GTA IV you need to do the following:

  • Complete the main story missions
  • Complete all 10 drug deliveries for Jacob Hughes
  • Win all 9 races for Brucie Kibbutz at least once
  • Exotic Exports for Brucie
  • Complete all 9 Assassination missions
  • Complete all 30 car thefts for Stevie
  • Brucie - Unlock special ability
  • Jacob - Unlock special ability
  • Packie - Unlock special ability
  • Brucie - Do each available activity once
  • Jacob - Do each available activity once
  • Packie - Do each available activity once
  • Beat a computer or friend at Pool
  • Beat a computer or friend at Darts
  • Beat a computer or friend in a full game of Bowling
  • Get the high score in the QUB3D arcade game
  • Do all random character missions (excluding Jeff, Ivan, Clarence, and Cherise)
  • Complete all the Most Wanted missions via police computer
  • Do 20 vigilante missions via police computer using the "Recent Crimes" option
  • Kill all 200 Pigeons
  • Complete all 50 Unique Stunt Jumps


  • Once the game is completed 100%, you can buy an unlimited amount of ammunition.
  • Killing all 200 pigeons will unlock the Annihilator helicopter on an Alderney helipad.
  • When completing all 10 drug delivery missions, Little Jacob will tell you about a Rastah Huntley behind the Café (one time only).