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Getaway locations

Cops 'n' Crooks is a multiplayer game in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Cops 'n' Crooks involves players being split into 2 teams: The Crooks, or the criminals and the Cops, or the police. The crook players are attempting to escort their boss (or themselves) to safety whilst evading the cop players, who are trying to kill them. There are two modes: One for All and All for One.

All for One

The All for One version has the crooks players attempting to get their one Boss to an getaway vehicle. The police players attempt to kill mainly the Boss or destroy the escape vehicle. The point of this mode simply is to safely get the boss to the escape vehicle to end the round; the rest of the crooks escaping does not matter. The Boss must stay seated in the escape vehicle for approximately 8-10 seconds. Money is awarded to the crooks by killing the cops ($100 per kill), but be reminded that all cops will respawn. If the Boss escapes, that is worth $1,000 for the Crooks team. Cops make money by killing the boss for $1,000 and every other crook is worth $100. All crooks respawn except for the Boss. If he dies, the round is over. Dying by suicide (long falls, run over by pedestrians, etc) will cause your team to lose $100 off your current total. Don't forget to collect some of the cash dropped by the dead!

One for All

The One for All version has no Boss to escort, simply the Crooks keeping themselves alive and attempting to fill a getaway vehicle with teammates to win, either a boat or a helicopter. Only 4 Crooks can escape in the getaway vehicle. Once the getaway vehicle is full or all the remaining Crooks are in, they must stay seated for 8-10 seconds so the round can end. Any remaining Crooks members can either stay behind and fend off Cops or run like a renegade to stay alive until the round ends!

The Cops players win by killing all of the Crooks before they can escape. Crooks can also win by killing all the Cops. Each opponent you kill is worth $100 for your team. Killing all of the opposing team is worth another $1,000! Each Crook that escapes in the designated vehicle is worth $250, meaning a full 4-seater boat/chopper is worth $1,000. Dying on your own, like a long fall or blowing yourself up will cost your team $100, just like in All for One.

Players can NOT respawn in this mode. Once a player dies, they have to wait for the round to end.