Corner Store

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The building housing the Vice Point supermarket in GTA Vice City. The supermarket's interior is visible on the left side of the building's street level.
Interior of the supermarket, GTA Vice City.

The Corner Store is a supermarket in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, set in 1986, in Vice City. The store is only named in the game's map poster.

The shop can be robbed by the player. Robbing the store is a requirement for 100% completion of GTA Vice City.


Situated on the main road from Vice Point to Prawn Island, between El Swanko Casa or Shady Palms Hospital, and the North Point Mall, the supermarket is distinctive for its relatively detailed and accessible interior, complete with shelves, racks and a cashier's counter with a store attendant to the front. In fact, the supermarket is one of fifteen stores around the city which the player can hold up for money.

Although the building housing the supermarket still exists in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the interior of the supermarket has been removed.


  • The building housing the supermarkets seemingly derives its design from the Downtown VCPD station, having received minor cosmetic modifications on the building model, as well as being completely retextured.
  • The storefront's windows are not solid, allowing the player to easily walk through.