Cortez' Yacht

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Cortez's Yacht is the personal ship and residence of Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. It is docked at the Ocean Bay Marina, opposite the Marina Sands Hotel until All Hands On Deck, where it leaves and is never seen again. It is red and white in colour and has Cortez's personal red Speeder attached at the back, which he later gives to Tommy. Colonel Cortez throws parties on his yacht with Vice City's most prominent people attending, including Congressman Alex Shrub, retired football star BJ Smith, rock star Jezz Torrent, drug baron Ricardo Diaz and real estate mogul Avery Carrington. It is on Cortez's yacht and one of the parties thrown on his yacht that Tommy Vercetti first met Cortez. After the mission Riot, it becomes a contact point for Cortez's missions. It is revealed that the reason Cortez lives on his yacht is because his villa in Vice City (most likely in Starfish Island) has been bugged by police.