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Cottonmouth is the setting of the non-GTA, Rockstar game Manhunt 2.

Cottonmouth is situated on the west coast of Florida, because the police helicopter shares the same colors with the Vice City Police Department Police Maverick helicopter, the Burrito, Stinger and Admiral cars have Florida license plates, and there are palm trees in several levels. The city is possibly based on Tampa. It is mused that Cottonmouth would exist in the same fictional world as the GTA games, because of overlaps and references within them. Cottonmouth is much more modern, cleaner and safer than Carcer City, with skyscrapers in the area of Downtown, domiciled houses and blocks.


  • Red Light District
  • Downtown Cottonmouth
  • Whispering Hills

Cottonmouth References to Grand Theft Auto

  • Sewer System in Cottonmouth is much the same as the sewer system in Los Santos.
  • In the hidden interiors heaven in GTA: San Andreas there are brothels similiar to the Bees Honey Pot.