Cranberry Station

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Cranberry Station

Cranberry Station is San Fierro's rail station, and connects it to Los Santos and Las Venturas. It is part of the Brown Streak Railroad, which services the entire state of San Andreas. It is located directly across the street from Carl Johnson's garage in Doherty. This is San Fierro Rifa territory, and a dangerous place for out-of-town bangers like Carl, who the Rifa will occasionally accost, hoping to engage in physical combat.

From here, the player may hijack passenger (Brown Streak) and freight trains arriving at the station. While driving these trains, the player also has the option (assuming the entire map has been unlocked) of engaging in cargo missions, which require making deliveries to all the stops in San Andreas within the given time limits. A small reward is given after each successful stop, and a large reward is given after two complete loops of the state (mission levels 1 and 2). The player also has the option of riding in passenger trains (at no charge), with the ability to de-train at any stop, or in between, if preferred.

File:Brown Streak (GTASA) (front).jpg
A Brown Streak Arrives at Cranberry Station

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