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* This boat is driven around by Chan Jaoming in the mission: Sa-Boat-Age.
* The Cruiser is driven by [[Chan Jaoming]] in the mission [[Sa-boat-age]] before being destroyed by the [[Spanish Lords]].  

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For land vehicles carrying the "Cruiser" name, see Cartel Cruiser, FBI Cruiser, VCPD Cruiser and Police Cruiser.
A Cruiser in GTA Chinatown Wars.

The Cruiser is a boat that appears in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It appears to be a mid to high class boat.


The Cruiser seems to be the GTA Chinatown Wars equivalent of the Squalo, as they have a great amount of similarity in appearance, but is more compact. It has a stripe that runs down the front hood of the boat that has many different colors. Also, a large spoiler sits on the back of the boat.

The Cruiser is generally a fast boat with impressive speed. Handling is terrible but the use of the handbrake can help. Its acceleration is good and it can sustain a good amount of damage without being destroyed.