Custom Vehicle License Plates

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Custom vehicle license plates were first explored in GTA Vice City, where Love Fist's limousine features LUVFIST plates, the only instance in the game where a custom license number exists. With the use of more flexible license in GTA San Andreas, more vehicles would appear with customized license numbers. However, the custom license plates cannot be saved in garages; once it is in a garage, the plate will become random.


License number Image Note
4GEDIT 130px Marco Forelli's Sentinel from the mission Saint Mark's Bistro (Forget it)
A2TMFK Big Smoke's Glendale (A reference to the Cypress Hill song "A to the Mother Fucking K", although this was a song released a year after which GTA:SA was set) (may also mean 'A 2 Timing Mother Fuck', as Big Smoke does betray Grove Street)
CFC 1888 Packer from the mission Cop Wheels
CHUNKY Bullet by the Burger Shot in Calton Heights
CUFFS 130px Barbara Schternvart's Ranger (A reference to her job as a police officer)
DBP Banshee next to the Cobra Marital Arts Gym
FELTCH 130px Tampa during Emmet's training mission (Nines and AK's)
G1RUYHUN Admiral from the mission You've Had Your Chips
GROVE4L Sweet's Greenwood (Grove for Life)
GOLD Driving school Hotknife, which is awarded when the player completes all test in gold.
H CARMAN Patriot from the mission Intensive Care
HO 2 HO 130px Jizzy B's Broadway
HOM Waltons from the mission Body Harvest
HOMEGIRL 130px Denise Robinson's Hustler (A reference to her association with gang life)
J LOMAX Windsor form the mission A Home in the Hills
LA5H L3Y BF Injection from the mission Cut Throat Business
LVA4L 130px Cesar Vialpando's Savanna (Los Varrios Aztecas for Life)
N13 LLF Club from the mission Customs Fast Track
NOS Michelle Cannes's Monster (A reference to nitrous oxide car boasts and Michelle's job as a mechanic)
OMEGA 130px Mike Toreno's Washington
OUTTHERE 130px The Truth's Mothership. Like the Camper, the rear license plate is mirrored.
PREACHER PCJ 600 from the mission Highjack
PULASKI 130px Eddie Pulaski's Buffalo
SHERM Ryder's Picador
SPANK 130px Millie Perkins's Club (A possible reference to a drug's nickname or her sexual fetishes)
SWAG Boxville from the mission Home Invasion
TAMMY Walton from the mission Don Peyote
TH3 P1G5 Los Santos Police Car from the mission Home Invasion
TIM Walton from the mission Don Peyote
TIMEBOMB Tampa car bomb used during the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
TRAUMA 130px Katie Zhan's Romero (A reference to her job as a nurse)