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During development of the game, many missions were developed but never made it to final production. Definitively known cut missions are listed here. For the rest, see the respective Content Changes article.

Grand Theft Auto III

  • Unknown mission

Rockstar has stated recently that one mission was removed due to the 9/11 attacks.[1]

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

You were supposed to get a reasonably nice car and drive it over to Cesar's house. Once there, Cesar was going to tune it up for Carl Johnson and socialize at the same time. However, the car gets towed before they can do anything so CJ and Cesar head over to the Police Station to retrieve it from the impound lot.

The mission was supposed to find the Russian who knows where Big Smoke is hiding and then needs to take over some Los Santos Vagos territories in order to gain access to Big Smoke's palace.

Another mission that was supposedly given by The Truth, where he is holed up in Bayside for entering Area 51 territory. The mission also introduces a deleted vehicle, the FBI Truck.

This was the beta name of the mission Doberman as the mission had a different setting.

In this mission you must prevent Berkley's RC Tigers from reaching Zero's RC Shop and destroying it. You must destroy the RC Tigers by detonating your RC Bandits near them and have to destroy them all before your remote control's battery runs out.

You must use a pickup truck to 'recover' a Sultan.

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • I and High

Another cut mission, the primary evidence of this mission having been existed is the text entry at key M_21, which comes after Shadow and before Crime and Punishment. It can be assumed that Little Jacob was the mission giver.

  • American Dream

Another cut mission, the primary evidence of this mission having been existed is the text entry at key M_8, which comes after Uncle Vlad and before Logging On. It can be assumed that Roman Bellic was the mission giver.