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A comeback four-door sedan in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories, but it was cut probably for being too modern for the 1980's.
A comeback four-door sedan in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories, but it was cut probably for being too modern for the 1980's.
'''Unnamed bike'''
;Unnamed bike
An unnamed motorcycle (possibly a different [[Streetfighter]] or [[PCJ-600]]) was cut.
An unnamed motorcycle (possibly a different [[Streetfighter]] or [[PCJ-600]]) was cut.

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Cut vehicles are vehicles or variants of the vehicles that were not made available in the final release of the game. Unavailable vehicles also includes vehicles that can be spawned into the game but are never seen in the game at all. Unavailable variants of vehicles includes different paint jobs and style of the vehicles.

Deleted vehicles

These are vehicles that were deleted or cut before the games' release and cannot be spawned through third party trainers or cheat device.


Several unnamed cars never appeared in the final version.[1]


Brigham in GTA III.
Army helicopter

An Army helicopter was cut.


The Brigham was a green car that was featured in pre-release renders of GTA III. It was based on a 1977–1979 Chevrolet Caprice (despite the name implying a Cadillac (Fleetwood) Brougham); having the older bumper style compared to the Las Venturas police car from GTA SA.

Diablo Infernus

The Diablo Infernus was a variation of the Infernus which supposedly was to be driven by the Diablos. It may have been removed because it may have been too fancy for Portland.


The Luton, a box van, which the model's cargo compartment later became the basis for the Mule's. It was cut from GTA III.[2]


The Panto was another vehicle that was cut from GTA III. The car was planned to be a four-door sedan similar to Fiat 128.[2]

School Bus

The school bus was meant to be appeared in GTA III but it was likely removed due to the absence of children in the game.

GTA Vice City

Coastguard Maverick

Remnants of the Coastguard Maverick include an entry in the handling file (COASTMAV) and an entry in the text file (COASTMA). Nothing else is left of this vehicle and based on those two evidence, the vehicle is most likely a helicopter used by the Coastguard.

GTA San Andreas

Many previews published before the game's release told of about 425 vehicles included in-game.


The plane previously seen in Vice City and Liberty City was replaced by the AT-400. Untextured model and handling still exist.

Bloodring Banger (Oceanic)

Both Bloodring Bangers were planned to appear in GTA San Andreas. Only the "bloodra" (based on the Glendale) is featured, the models and handling of the "bloodrb" (based on the Oceanic) remains.

Dash texture from dash.txd

Textures can be found in gta3.img. (dash.txd)


Another Dune. Textures can be found in gta3.img (dune.txd)

An FBI Car view through a program in GTA San Andreas.

The FBI Car was cut from GTA San Andreas. It was similar to the Las Venturas Police Car, but had a different grille. The model was featured in an unused cutscene.


A totally new vehicle. Despite its name, it does not seem to be a boat. It appears to be a train.


Another new vehicle. Nothing is known about it but its handling, which is very similar to the Caddy's, implying this was meant to be a second golf kart.


A cut weapon in GTA San Andreas but also a vehicle. It was cut during the development of the game and was planned to be introduced in the mission Madd Dogg's Rhymes. The HUD icon is the only remain of the skateboard.


The famous boat from Vice City was meant to come back in San Andreas. Apart from the handling, there are no leftovers.

GTA Liberty City Stories


It was probably a customized Stallion or a Shelby GT500.

Cyclone GT

A fast car which was cut during development. Nothing is known about it.


Appears in handling file as possibly leftover of GTA Vice City engine.


It was probably a car used during the mission L.C. Confidential.


According to text file, Toyota Supra was going to appear, possibly referring to the Jester.

Lancer MF1

A fast expensive car based on McLaren F1 LM.


It was a small car based on Austin Mini.


Japanese car based on Nissan Skyline GT-R.


According to text file, the Subaru Impreza WRX was going to appear, possibly referring to the Sultan.

GTA Vice City Stories


A new boat which was cut. It was still listed in the official game guide, but its picture was replaced with Speeder's, so nothing is known about this boat.

Coastguard Maverick

The same remnants of the Coastguard Maverick from GTA Vice City appears here. They are most likely leftovers from GTA Vice City.


A comeback four-door sedan in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories, but it was cut probably for being too modern for the 1980's.

Unnamed bike

An unnamed motorcycle (possibly a different Streetfighter or PCJ-600) was cut.



The Andromada plane from San Andreas was cut in the early development of GTA IV. Only the handling remains.


According to audio files, the Buffalo was a cut car until The Ballad of Gay Tony. The FIB Buffalo appears though.


According to some hidden audio files, the golf cart was already planned to be available in GTA IV. Its appearance was also delayed until The Ballad of Gay Tony.


The Coach was cut during the development of GTA IV; however, it can be seen in the Higgins Helitours commercial.


This second plane was also cut from GTA IV, the handling can still be found in the game files.

NOOSE Boxville

The NOOSE variant of the Boxville can be seen in the background of an early GTA IV screenshot.


The Fighter was a plane meant to make an appearance in Grand Theft Auto IV but was removed. The only notable remnant left in the game is its handling line.


This car from GTA San Andreas could appear in Liberty City. It has possibly become the Faction, as they are both based on G-body Buicks. Only few audio files still exist.


The Previon from GTA San Andreas was meant to return in Grand Theft Auto IV, but only some audio files remain. It could have served as the basis of the Hakumai's design as both cars are based on similarly styled Hondas.

Angel - Daemon - Diabolus - Hexer - Lycan - Nightblade - Revenant - Wolfsbane

Eight chopper motorbikes, finally made available in The Lost and Damned, already had their model and texture in GTA IV. They can be used ingame like normal bikes with help of modifications.

Unnamed SUV

An unnamed SUV that does not appear in GTA IV can be seen on the television in-game.[3] It appears to be similar to the Huntley of GTA San Andreas.

Note: Rockstar has stated in an interview[4] that the reason planes were absent from GTA IV is because "the city was simply too small for effective and enjoyable flying" [4]

The Lost and Damned


A different Admiral (internally named "admiral2") was meant to be featured in The Lost and Damned. It is believed that this was going to be the old Admiral (based on a Mercedes). Very few files still exist.


The same as the above, however there is no clue about the differences to the basic truck.


The Rhino tank was cut from the final version, although some files still exist. It is possible that it's design was given to the APC or it may have been a completely different design.

The Ballad of Gay Tony


A small new car. Its only leftover is the handling. Its name was probably derived from the three-wheeled Reliant Robin car.


A large truck similar to the Noose Enforcer and Securicar. Being an armored car, however the Brickade is designed for monetary transport only, and its design is primarily based on a Progesur armored vehicle. Its horn is derived from the FIB Buffalo, however its only similar when an FIB agent or LCPD officer drives it and is blocked by the player. Its model and texture are in the game's files, and can be put into the game via mods. It is obtainable on Xbox 360 consoles through the use of mods or a modified save game file. No known method for obtaining the Brickade has been found yet for PlayStation 3.

Pre-release names

These are the vehicles that had their names cut and changed before the games' release. Other than the name, there were no major changes to the car itself.


Pre-release Final
Ariant[2] Manana
Aster[2] Moonbeam
Beamer[2] Sentinel
Columbia Cartel Cruiser
Dyablo[2] Infernus
Esparanto[2] Esperanto
Hachura[2] Idaho
Hum Vee[2] Patriot
Maurice[2] Perennial
Rocket[2] Cheetah
Security Van Securicar
Sentinal[2] Kuruma
Shark[2] Stinger
Space[2] Blista
Yakuza Yakuza Stinger

GTA Vice City

Pre-release Final
Cougar Virgo
Desperado Mesa Grande

GTA San Andreas

Pre-release Final
Elegance[5] Elegant
Legend 566 Elegy
Mesa Grande Mesa
Top Fun Berkley's RC Van

GTA Vice City Stories

Pre-release Final
Enforcer VCPD Enforcer
Police VCPD Cruiser


Pre-release Final
Bobber Freeway
E109 Contender
Majestic Faction
Marbella Marbelle

The Lost and Damned

Pre-release Final
Bati 801 Bati 800
Bati 801R Bati Custom
Double T Drag Double T Custom
Hakuchou Drag Hakuchou Custom

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Pre-release Final
Faggio Ultra Faggio (TBOGT version)

Spawnable vehicles

An FBI Truck in GTA San Andreas, available only through trainers or modifications.

Similar to the deleted vehicles but the difference is that they can be spawned through mods or cheat devices.

GTA San Andreas

RC Cam

A remote controlled vehicle that is disguised as a pot. It is never used in the game, is ridable and can support two people.

RC Raider

Appears only during Zero's cutscene in mission Wear Flowers in Your Hair. It does not appear anywhere else, but can be spawned via trainers. Additional modifications are needed to control the helicopter.

FBI Truck

An APC that was cut before the game's release. It was planned to appear in the cut mission The Truth is Out There.

Utility Trailer

A trailer that can be attached to Utility Van. It is unknown why it does not appear in regular game.

GTA Liberty City Stories


The famous small plane from GTA III could be reintroduced in GTA Liberty City Stories. It can be spawned via trainers, but the lack of acceleration renders the plane useless. It doesn't have in-game name.


The Hunter is the proof that GTA Liberty City Stories was made using the GTA Vice City engine. This helicopter can be spawned using trainers, and has working weaponry, but does not have in-game name and cannot be used in Vigilante missions.

RC Goblin and RC Raider

Both remote controlled helicopters appear in GTA Liberty City Stories files, possibly as leftovers of GTA Vice City engine. They are never used in-game and can be spawned via trainers.

VCN Maverick

Same as the Hunter, but lack of acceleration again renders the helicopter useless.

GTA Vice City Stories

FBI Rancher

FBI Rancher was cut. However, it can be spawned through cheat devices.

VCN Maverick

The VCN Maveric was cut or is a leftover from GTA Vice City engine. However, it can be spawned through cheat devices.

The Lost and Damned


The Tampa was originally supposed to spawn around Liberty City. Now it is seen only in the introduction cutscenes. It is available to drive in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The Ballad of Gay Tony


A stumpy looking truck that was cut. It can be obtained through modifications and downloading save files.


Wrecked version of the Police Cruiser. It does not appear in any mission and can be spawned, driven and damaged like a normal vehicle.

Changed models

These are vehicles that were changed or their colors cut during development. A few of these are aesthetic changes, includes removal of rims, spoilers, etc. Some beta models can be obtained through Cheat Devices while others can not.

GTA San Andreas

  • Many cars had different rims.[6]
  • Most cars from GTA Vice City were identical to that rendition (Walton, Greenwood, Sabre, Oceanic, Admiral, etc).[6]
  • The Bullet had a different look. Instead of one hood scoop, it had two.[7]
  • The Clover had different taillights.[8]
  • The Hydra originally was very different; the full beta picture can be seen in the Zero RC shop.
  • The Savanna had a different grille, different rear bumper and only 2 doors.[9][10]
  • The Jester had a different front bumper.[11]
  • The Landstalker roof and design was flatter than the final design.[12]
  • A very early screenshot showed a Sparrow in place of a Police Maverick. Some believe that either the Maverick model wasnt finished yet, or at one point the Sparrow was going be used as a second Police aircraft.[13]
  • The Combine Harvester originally had a green body color, no stepbars into the driver cab, and a less detailed combine head.[14]
  • The HPV-1000 had different decals.[15]
  • The Stratum had en emblem on the hood.[16]
  • The Fortune had different headlights.[17]
  • The Sanchez was similar to the Vice City rendition.[18]
  • The San Fierro Police Car (and possibly the Premier and the Taxi) had a closer resemblance with a Chevrolet Caprice with a different grille, rounded "beached whale" design, and it also features the skirted rear fenders of 1991-1993 Caprices.[19] The model was featured in an unused cutscene.
  • The Journey had a different yellow and blue stripe vinyl.[20]
  • Each city had its own Police Maverick and police bike.[21][22]
  • The Taxi was identical to its Vice City rendition.[23]
  • The Elegant's appearance was featuring a gray bumper (oddly, the rear bumper's color matches that of the body) and a simpler lower mask.[5]
  • The Freight had a boxcar variant.[24]

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Originally, the Police was similar to pre-9/11 police cars but it was changed back to police cars similar to GTA III.
  • The PCJ-600 was similar to the Vice City and San Andreas rendition[25]. Also there was once a golden PCJ 600 but was cut[26].
  • There was a golden Stinger, supposedly used by the Sicilian Mafia[27]
  • There was an orange Landstalker that was removed.
  • There was a blue Perennial that was also removed.

GTA Vice City Stories

  • The Cholo Sabre was once colored blue at the early stage of the development, but was changed. Also, the car was colored white with stripes later.


GTA The Lost and Damned

GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony