Cutting the Grass

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Cutting The Grass
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Salvatore Leone
Start location: Saint Marks
Reward: $15 000

Cutting The Grass is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III which introduces Salvatore's paranoia, a theme that has occurred throughout the series.

Salvatore, glad that Claude managed to get Maria out of the police raid, has more work for him. He believes that there's a rat feeding top-secret Leone information to other gangs, and suspects this to be Curly-Bob, bartender at Sex Club 7. Salvatore wants Claude to follow him on his way home from work, and if anything suspicous goes down, "take care of him".

Claude hurries down to Luigi's where he sits parked, waiting for Curly-Bob to leave. Eventually, he leaves and gets into a taxi. Claude slowly follows him, making sure to back off if he thinks Curly-Bob is becoming aware that he's being followed.

Eventually, he gets to his destination: Portland Harbor. There, he feeds out more information to Catalina and Miguel, seen for the first time since the game's opening. They then leave Curly-Bob alone, allowing Claude to strike. Claude kills him and ends the job.

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