DBP Security

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Two Patrol Invest Group security guards standing in front of DBP Security Headquarters in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City.

DBP Security is a security and protection company that is located in Washington Beach, Vice City. They are based in the DBP Security Headquarters, which doubles as a security and security items shop. Their employees are the Patrol Invest Group, and they provide security at the North Point Mall, Starfish Island, Leaf Links Golf Club, El Banco Corrupto Grande, Escobar International Airport, Front Page Café, musical events and to Congressman Alex Shrub. The company is exposed, by Tommy Vercetti, as a protection racket, which in 1986 is shut down. It is assumed that after the events of Bar Brawl, in which Tommy and two Vercetti Gang members go to DBP Security Headquarters and kill the Patrol Invest Group menbers there, DBP Security gets shut down and disbanded.