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Ramon Ayala
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Ramon Ayala
Aliases Daddy Yankee


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations San Juan Sounds (employer)
Voiced by Himself

{{infobox character| |image = |game_1 = GTA IV |name = Ramon Ayala |aka = Daddy Yankee |status = Alive |gender = M |dob = |dob-comment = |pob = |dod = |dod-comment = |home = [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]] |nationality = United States |family = |affiliations = [[San Juan Sounds]] (employer) |vehicles = |businesses = |voice = Himself }} '''Ramon Ayala''' is a real-life reggaeton artist and character in the [[HD Universe]] appearing in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. ==Character history== Daddy Yankee is, in [[2008]], the [[:Category:Radio DJs|host]] of the [[San Juan Sounds]] radio station in [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]. {{wikipedia|Daddy Yankee}} {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1={{characters|state=collapsed}} {{Gtaiv characters|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Characters|Ayala, Ramon]] [[Category:Characters in GTA IV|Ayala, Ramon]] [[Category:Characters in HD Universe|Ayala, Ramon]] [[Category:Radio DJs|Ayala, Ramon]]

Ramon Ayala is a real-life reggaeton artist and character in the HD Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Character history

Daddy Yankee is, in 2008, the host of the San Juan Sounds radio station in Liberty City.

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