Darko Brevic

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Darko Brevic is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He was a a soldier alongside Niko Bellic and Florian Cravic during the Yugoslav Wars. However, he later sells out the squad for $1,000 to help pay for his drug addiction. The only two people to survive the ambush were Niko and Florian, with Niko hunting the two down years later to extract revenge. After his betrayal, Brevic fled to Bucharest, Romania, hiding in the city.

Niko moves to Liberty City, trying to find Florian, who had changed his name to Bernie Crane. Niko, however, discovers that Florian is innocent and begins to look for Darko. One of Niko's contacts at the United Liberty Paper organisation helps him locate and kidnap Darko, leaving him at Francis International Airport for Niko to do what he wants with him. Niko discovers that Darko is guilt-ridden about what happened and is still addicted to drugs, telling Niko that he would, by killing him, be doing him a favour (in the mission That Special Someone).

The player then has the decision on whether to kill Darko. The player can choose to let Darko live, with Niko feeling better knowing that the bigger punishment is letting Darko suffer. As Niko walks away, Darko stands up and runs off screaming, never to be seen in the game. The player can choose to kill Darko, Niko shoots Darko twelve times, one for each of his lost friends, and walks away feeling worse.


  • If the player chooses to kill Darko, Niko shoots him twelve times with a Desert Eagle, despite the gun only having a capacity of nine bullets.
  • He looks almost identical to Niko, even down to the hairstyle. Were it not for the differing names, they could be twin brothers.