Darko Brevic

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Darko Brevic in Liberty City in 2008

Darko Brevic is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Darko was a soldier alongside Niko Bellic and Florian Cravic during the Yugoslav wars, and eventually sold out his squad (to enemy forces) for $1,000 to help pay for his drug addiction. The only two people to survive the ambush, apart from Darko himself, were Niko and Florian.

Niko would spend the next decade hunting down Florian and Darko to discover who committed the betrayal, and to extract revenge. After the betrayal, Darko fled to Bucharest, Romania.

Niko moves to Liberty City to find Florian, who in the intervening years changed his name to Bernie Crane. Niko discovers, however, that Florian is innocent, and begins to look for Darko. One of Niko's contacts at the United Liberty Paper organization eventually arranges Darko's kidnapping, and leaves him on the tarmac of Francis International Airport, at Niko's mercy; Niko arrives at the airport with Roman, and interrogates Darko.

Darko reminds Niko that their squad were no angels themselves, stating that Goran (another member of their squad) was responsible for the deaths of some of Darko's own friends and neighbours, and tells Niko the reason he betrayed the group. Niko is horrified that he and his friends were sold out over such a paltry sum of money; in response, Darko asks how much Niko has charged for all the murders he has committed. Darko also calls him a hypocrite; he falls to his knees and says that Niko would be doing him a favor by killing him. He breaks down in tears, and Roman attempts to coax Niko away, observing that Darko "doesn't look like he enjoys life too much."

The player can then decide whether or not to kill Darko. If you let Darko live, Niko will feel a little better, knowing that the greater punishment is leaving Darko alive to suffer. As Niko walks away, Darko runs away screaming, never to be seen again in the game. Should the player choose to kill Darko, Niko will shoot him twelve times, one shot for each of his lost friends

Darko will thank Niko as he dies. Niko walks away feeling, as he later says to Roman, "empty".


  • He bears a striking resemblance to Niko, even down to the hairstyle.
  • If you choose to shoot him with a Desert Eagle, he shoots him 12 times, even though the Desert Eagle doesn't have 12 bullets in the game.