Dave Bosoy

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Dave Bosoy in his only physical appearance in GTA IV, being whipped by a dominatrix during the first cutscene of "The Cousins Bellic".

Dave Bosoy, or Dave the Mate in the credits, was a crew member that Niko Bellic knew on the Platypus in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is seen in the very first cutscene tied to his bunkbead, wearing erotic leather clothing being whipped by an unknown asian woman also in sexual leather clothing, while Niko stands outside the door trying to get him ready for docking.

According to Weazel News, Dave was found dead in Algonquin, floating in the Humboldt River trussed up in a straight jacket and diaper, covered in whip lashings. His murderer is unknown, although the first cutscene and his manner of death suggests it was a sexual accident.

Martin Herring provided the voice of Dave.

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