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The following is a walkthrough of the Deconstruction mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


After the cutscene, go to the construction site. Once you go there, you'll find a bulldozer near a portable. Get in the bulldozer. Now, you have 3 minutes to destroy all the portables before the time runs out. As you destroy them, some of the workers are chasing after you. Ignore them so that you have more time left. Be very careful not to hit the explosive barrels because the bulldozer will explode. After that, watch the cutscene where you'll see a construction worker pissing in a toilet. First, get the worker and his toilet to the grave. To make it easier for you, kill the workers first. Once you killed them, get in the cement truck and drive into the red spot, which means you'll have to back into position in front of the hole. Watch the cutscene where you bury the worker and his toilet with cement. When the cutscene ends, mission passed!

Video walkthroughs

PS2 Version PC Version
<youtube>mxKzYnXcDbo</youtube> <youtube>ADpdgVaEgSU</youtube>