Demolition Man

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This mission starts off as soon as you step into the marker in the map. You have to enter a nearby TOP FUN van to get into the main part. This is the first time Tommy will control (and only CONTROL) a chopper. This is a remote controlled one and you now have to steer it over those detonators now to carry them. You can carry only one bomb at a time, but there is ample amount of time, so don't worry. Now you have to carry the bombs, one at a time, to the pink markers in the under construction building. There are four detonation points, one at each of the first four floors. Be careful of the guards in the building. You can kill them with the rotor if you like. But be careful, the heli will start to smoke and eventually blow up if dashed in the walls. After the bombs have been planted, the building will burst along with the helicopter, but don't worry, you weren't inside at all!