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The following is the walkthrough of the mission Demolition Man in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for Texas property developer Avery Carrington.


Picking up the bombs.
Dropping the bombs on the points.
The building site getting destroyed.

Meet up with Avery. He is looking at some prime development land to claim, which is located up the road from his construction site. Avery's problem is that construction on the site has already began, so Avery asks you to destroy the site; to help you, he has parked a Top Fun van is located with an RC Goblin and four bombs directly opposite the site.

After the cutscene with Carrington ends, you are given this instruction:

Get to the TOPFUN van near the building site to be demolished.

Run to the Top Fun van parked opposite the site and get in. You will then be given the following instructions:

Use the RC helicopter to transport bombs to four demolition points on the building site.

You must place one bomb at each target.

You can place bombs in any order.

To pick up a bomb, simply maneuver the RC helicopter next to it. The RC helicopter can carry one bomb at a time.

To drop the bomb, press NUM0, LCTRL, or LMB button.

If you place a bomb unsuccessfully, you can pick it up and try again.

Once you have picked up a bomb for the first time, the demolition timer will start.

You must then place the remaining bombs in 7 minutes!

A central stairway allows access to all the floors of the building.

Pick up the bombs and transport them to the demolition points in the building site. Start with the demolition point on the top floor and continue downwards. If any builders or security guards try to destroy the helicopter, just kill them by flying straight into them. Avoid flying near the roof or the walls, or else you will damage the helicopter. If you destroy the helicopter, you will fail the mission.

Video Walkthrough

PC Version - GTASeriesVideos

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