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[[Category:Businesses in GTA IV]]
[[Category:Businesses in GTA IV]]
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[[Category:Clothing Stores]]
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Derriere is a high fashion clothing store in Grand Theft Auto IV. Advertisements for the company is seen all over Liberty City, most prominently in Star Junction. It is featured in the in-game website www.peepthatshit.com under the "High Fashion" shopping section. Citizens of Liberty City can sometimes be seen wearing Derriere attire. Jeremy St. Ives can be seen wearing a black Derriere shirt on the show The Men's Room.

The store's name comes from the word derrière, meaning a person's buttocks. The logo itself is a giant buttock, separated by a crack in the middle. Interestingly enough, when first glanced at, the logo bears somewhat of a resemblance to the Coco Chanel logo.

Monique is an employee of Derriere and works in a store in Suffolk, Liberty City.