Desert Eagle

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An extremely powerful handgun, the Desert Eagle is far more deadly than the other two pistols in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It holds 7 rounds per clip.


Los Santos

  • Playa Del Seville - Corner of wire fence around beach

From your house in Ganton, head east towards the main road that overlooks the ocean in East Beach. Head south from there towards Playa Del Seville. On the corner as the road curves west towards the Ocean Docks, head along the beach and look in the corner of the wire fence that separates the beach from part of the docks.


  • Whetstone - Southwest corner of warehouse in junkyard

Take the northwest road out of Angel Pine and take the first right. Follow this road northeast and look for a junkyard on the left side of the road. Head down the dirt path and into the junkyard, and head to the heap of scrap in the middle of the junkyard. In front of the heap of scrap there is an open ware house with a cement truck inside. Head inside this warehouse and the Desert Eagle is in the southwest corner.

San Fierro

  • Garcia - In corner of alley near Zero's RC Shop

From your garage in Doherty, head south and take the first right. Go down the alleyway straight ahead and look for an opening in a wall on the right side of the alleyway. Go through the opening and look to the right to find the Desert Eagle in the corner.


  • Bayside Marina - In corner of wall behind house

From the Gant Bridge, head north until you reach Bayside, and take the first right you come to. Follow the winding road round and take the first left. Immediately after turning left, look along the left side of the street for a row of posh white houses. Head behind the third house, and look along the back wall. The Desert Eagle is in the corner of the wall to the far right.

  • Lil' Probe Inn - Under solar panel in trailer park

From the Fallow Bridge, cross the bridge and take the third left at the fork in the road. Turn right and pass under the railroad tracks, and look along the right side of the road for a trailer park opposite the Lil' Probe Inn bar. Head towards the trailer park and the Desert Eagle is under the middle solar panel on the east side of the trailer park.