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The '''Diamonds''' are one of the many items that cause disruptions in the plot of [[GTA 4]].
The '''Diamonds''' are one of the many items that cause disruptions in the plot of [[Grand Theft Auto IV]].
== Possessors ==
== Possessors ==

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The Diamonds are one of the many items that cause disruptions in the plot of Grand Theft Auto IV.


The diamonds initially belonged to Bulgarin, or so we are told. They were brought to Liberty City in the ship, the Platypus.

In the mission Diamonds in the Rough, Gay Tony and Luis Lopez are seen to attended a meeting to obtain the diamonds. This deal however, was interrupted by Johnny Klebitz and several members of The Lost, on the orders of Ray Boccino.

Johnny hid the diamonds within some garbage, to be collected by Niko Bellic, Luca Silvestri, Joseph "Tuna" DiLeo and Johnny Spaz in the mission Taking in the Trash.

Luca and his crew attempt to steal the diamonds for themselves and plan to move to Las Venturas, but are stopped and are killed by Niko for Ray in the mission Meltdown.

Later on, again on the orders of Ray Boccino, Niko teams up with Johnny, though not for the first time, and attempts to sell the diamonds to Isaac Roth and Mori Green, members of the Jewish Mob. The deal is interrupted by Luis Lopez, who appears to achieve his goal of stealing the diamonds (although it is unclear weather he recieved the during this deal). The missions included in this deal are Museum Piece for Niko and Collector's Item for Johnny.

The next time the diamonds are seen is during the mission Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend. On the orders of Gerald McReary, Niko and Packie had kidnapped Gracie Ancelotti in attempt to trade her for the diamonds. Gay Tony and Luis Lopez agree to strike a deal for the safe return of Gracie. The deal seems to go smoothly, Packie and Niko obtaining the diamonds and Luis, Gay Tony and Gracie leaving the scene. Bulgarin appears, however, claiming that the diamonds were his before Gay Tony and Luis stole them. Following a shoot-out, one of Bulgarin's men grabs the diamonds and holds them over a balcony, fearful for his life, no matter his decision. He decides to drop them off the baclony and is indeed killed. The diamonds land in a truck heading for the dump. This is the last time the diamonds are seen.

The last mention of the diamonds happens when listening to the news on a car radio. It is told that a homeless man found them, and were valued to be worth $2 million. 100 people attempt to obtain the diamonds before the mayor makes the decision to give them to the homeless man. The homeless man spent his money opening up a gun shop and a liquor store in Vice City.

Mission Appearances

Taking in the Trash
Museum Piece / Collector's Item
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
They are also mentioned on the car radio news.