Diego and Armando Mendez

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Diego and Armando Mendez are the two biggest cocaine dealers in Vice City. Diego is the more quiet of the two and only speaks Spanish, while the more charismatic Armando is the one with greater control. Reni implies that he/she had relations with Diego. They also own a Domestobot, which was destroyed by Armando when Vic took control of it and destroyed his bonds. Armando is killed, along with much of his bodyguards, by Vic after Louise is killed by Armando. In the final mission, Vic - in a Hunter helicopter - attacks the Mendez compound killing much of the bodyguards. He is shot down, but manages to land safely and make it to the rooftop, where he kills Diego (and Martinez) during a three-way shootout between the men.

Armando seems to be based off of Scarface's Alejandro Sosa as he bears a striking resemblance to him and his personality is like Sosa's also. Their names are a play on argentinian soccerstar, Armando Diego Maradona.

The voice actor for Diego is Ruben Trujillo, while Armando is voiced by Yul Vasquez.