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Dodo in flight on San Andreas

The Dodo is a small plane, that apeared in both Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but in GTA3 it's wings were cut off in order to make it virtually impossible to fly. It looks like Cessna 172 plane, and is always red and white.


A Dodo, with or without wings, behaves the same on ground - the faster it drives, more unstable it is. The GTA3 Dodo could accelerate only when touching ground. In the air it has working brakes, but is very unstable - mainly because it turns very fast. This Dodo was design to do short jumps, but it is possible to fly with it. When accelerating press and hold button "dodo down", and when you will see sparks release it and when you are in air try to stay at same height in order not to slow down when raising. When you feel loosing control over it try diving and then going up - it usually grants you extra speed.

The GTA San Andreas Dodo is fully functional plane, one of the slowest planes in game. It is quite stable in air.


In GTA3 there are two of Donald Love's missions where you need to chase, and in the next mission destroy a Dodo with wings, and one mission in which you have to enter and exit a parked Dodo.

In GTA San Andreas, during the mission "Freefall" you must fly a Dodo behind the Shamal jet, in which the Forellis are being transported, to do a hit on Salvatore Leone.

Appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The Dodo made it's cameo appearance as it can only be seen flying around with its flyer carrying in the back.The player can shoot it down with a Hunter,thus it will gain the player 3 wanted stars.


Locations in GTA III

  • 1 In the green hangar north of Francis International Airport (only after Grand Theft Aero)
  • 2 In the southwest hangar in Francis International Airport
  • 3 In the east end of the runway in Francis International Airport
  • 4 In Portland Import/Export Garage (once it is completed)

Locations in GTA SA

  • 1 In the east side of Los Santos Airport, near the entrance
  • 2 Southeast of the main circle with grass in San Fierro Airport
  • 3 All around the west side of Las Venturas Airport