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Dragon Brain is a fantasy film that is advertised on the radio in Grand Theft Auto IV with the tag "Dragon Brain coming to theaters, rated G for Gibberish.". It is likely to be a parody of popular fantasy film series' such as the Harry Potter film series and The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The name could also be a parody of Dragonheart. The film's website is Dragonbrainthemovie.com. The film feature multiple action/fantasy cliches, including a "hero with a California accent" and a furry sidekick who says oneliners during battle scenes ("Don't lose your head!").

Radio Ad Transcript

Narrator: “In An Ancient World, Before Sundials, It Was Time For A Hero, This Fall, Prepare To Believe All Over Again, Once More, Again, Dragon Brain. Prepare To Believe.” “It’s A Time Before Time.”

Woman: “Oh No, Here Come The F-cking Dragons!”

Man: “We Need A Hero, Or Evil Will Rain For 2000 Generations, And A Million Oarks Will Storm These Lands, And The CGI Bill Will Be Apocalyptic!”

Narrator: “Dragon Brain” “Prepare To Love.” Hero: “I’m Only A Humble Black Smith With A California Accent.” “How Can I Possibly Rise Up And Conquer Evil Without A Montage?”

Guy: “How Indeed?” “Do We Believe?” Hero: “I Believe, In The Miracle Of Merchandising .” “I’ll Need A Furry Talking Sidekick To Say One-Liners While I Chop Off Heads.”

  • Sword Slicing*

SideKick: “Don’t Loose Your Head.” “Hehehe!”

Narrator: “Prepare To Sit, Through A 4 hour Journey.”

Hero: “I’ve Got A Quest, I Must Defeat Evil, And Sell Franchising Rights To Theme Parks.”

Woman: “We’re Cursed, The Dragons Their Flying Upside Down!” “No! The CD Machine Is Broken Again!”

Hero: *Yelling* “DRAGON BRAIN!”

Narrator: The Quest Is Yours, Dragon Brain, Coming Soon To A Theater Near You. RATED “G” FOR GIBERISH”