Dragon Haul Z

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Dragon Haul Z is a mission in GTA Chinatown Wars.


First, meet up with Zhou Ming in Lower Easton. He tells you that his gang is planning a heist at the Bank Of Liberty (remind you of GTA IV's version?) and to escape from the cops and avoid police detection, he plans to escape with Huang, and his gang through a Chinatown Festival in a festive costume. He tells Huang to steal one of the costumes that is being transported.

First of all, when you're attempting to stop and steal the truck that is carrying the dragon costume, you have to make sure not to damage it so much that it goes in flames or else you'll fail the mission. Also, Zhou's robbery will start soon so you have to be quick. Once you got the truck, drive it to the Bank Of Liberty. Park in the side alley, and meet with Zhou's Gang.