Drivetrains in GTA IV

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In Grand Theft Auto IV, the way a car's drivetrain and engine are set up can have a drastic effect on occasions such as police chases and enemy gang wars (escaping, for example). This section will break down the different drivetrains along with the cars so you don't need to.


Front wheel drive

Front wheel drive (FF) is when a car's engine power is channeled to the front wheels. FF cars cost alot less than others because of less moving parts. There are only a handful of FF cars in GTA IV.

In addition, FF cars tend to have understeer, but great acceleration and good offroading capabilities.

Rear wheel drive

Rear wheel drive (FR) is when a car's engine power is sent to the rear wheels. FR cars are more expensive because they tend to have high horsepower and more moving parts. FR setups are used in drifting, oval racing, and drag racing. There are tons of FR cars in GTA IV.

Four wheel drive

Four wheel drive (4WD or AWD) is when the engine power is transferred to all 4 wheels of a car, providing great acceleration, great offroad capabilities, and the ability to climb rocks, walls, etc.(SUVs). GTA IV provides a decent amount of 4WD cars.

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