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Drug Dealing is a new feature introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. In it, the protagonist, Huang Lee must peddle six different drugs across Liberty City. There is no end to this feature as it continues even after the storyline is completed.

Unlocking Drug Dealing

To unlock the drug dealing side mission, Huang must first complete the "Tricks of the Triad" mission for Uncle Kenny. The mission will explain the basic principles of drug dealing as well as introducing Huang to his first two contacts: Liam and Danny.

Tricks Of The Triad

See article: Tricks of the Triad

Stash Box & Holdall

Uncle Kenny gives Huang these two items during "Tricks of the Triad." They are used to store and carry Huang's drugs respectively. The stash box is located at every safe house and can store an unlimited number of drugs. Drugs in the stash box cannot be lost, however, they cannot be dealt until transferred to the holdall.

The holdall is carried by Huang at all times. It can carry a maximum of 50 bags of drugs. Drugs stored in here may be traded with other dealers. Any drugs stored in the holdall will be lost if Huang is Wasted or Busted.

The Six Drugs

  • Heroin
  • Coke
  • Ecstasy
  • Acid
  • Weed
  • Downers

Buy Low, Sell High

Huang can earn money from dealing drugs by buying low and selling them on for a profit. There are various ways to insure you make a profit. Whenever you attempt to sell one or more bag(s) or drugs a green or red arrow will appear next to the icon. A green icon will indicate that you will make a profit from this transaction, while a red arrow will indicate a loss.

Dealers working in different gang territories will sell or buy drugs for a much lower or higher price. Each gang buys and sells different drugs, as shown on the in-game Turf Map and game map that came with Chinatown Wars:

  • The African-Americans sell Downers and buy Acid
  • The Russian Mafia sell Ecstasy and buy Coke
  • The Angels of Death sell Coke and buy Ecstasy
  • The Irish American Killers sell Acid and by Ecstasy
  • The Mob sell Ecstasy and buy Coke
  • The Midtown Gangsters sell Heroin and buy Acid
  • The Spanish Lords sell Coke and buy Ecstasy
  • The Jamaicans sell Weed and buy Downers
  • The Triads sell Downers and buy Heroin

By dealing between the separate gangs (example: buying Coke from The Angels of Death and selling it to The Russian Mafia), Huang can insure maximum profit.


Dealers will send Huang e-mails telling them about trade tips they are offering. This can either be someone selling drugs for a low price or buying them for a higher than normal price. Huang will receive e-mails randomly during the course of the game, both in and out of missions (though he is unable to trade drugs during a mission). Tip-offs will expire two days after the original e-mail is sent, causing the dealer in question to revert back to his normal prices.


Occasionally the Police will try to raid a drug deal, resulting in a two star Wanted Level. Huang must lose his Wanted Level or risk being Busted and loosing his drugs. The larger the drug deal the more chance there is of the Police busting it.

List of Dealers