Drug Wars

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The Drug Wars are 50 small missions, similar to TLAD's Gang Warfare, introduced to Luis by Armando Torres after completing the mission Corner Kids. Their starting locations are marked on the map by pill icons. They require Luis to join Armando and Henrique in building their drug empire, by stealing it from other drug gangs in a vareity of ways. They become more progressively more difficult the more you complete, but you the money you earn from completeing them increases as well. Each 10 of of the drug wars you complete earns you respawning weapon in Luis' safehouse.

Mission Types

The Drug Wars missions come in a range of types:

  • Highjack - These missions require you to steal a stationary drug loaded vehicle, often located within a drug gang's compound. These often require you to eliminate the drug gang for you to safely steal the vehicle.
  • Convoy - These missions require you to steal a moving drug vehicle, normally only protected by the car's passengers. These are the easiest of the missions, but you have to take care not to destroy the vehicle, otherwise you will destroy the drugs, failing the mission.
  • Stickup - These missions require you to obtain a gang's drugs, in a duffle bag carried by one of the gang, in their compound. You have to eliminate the gang one by one until the drugs are dropped.  

All types will involve the gang chasing and drive-bying you after stealing the drugs and making your way back to the drop off point. If you move too far from the fight, once initiated, you will fail the mission.


  • 10 Wars complete: A Pistol .44 spawns on the table of Luis' safehouse.
  • 20 Wars complete: An Advanced Machine Gun (M249) spawns in the kitchen of Luis' safehouse.
  • 25 Wars complete: The 'Snow Queen' achievement, worth 20G, is unlocked.
  • 30 Wars complete: Unknown
  • 40 Wars complete: Unknown
  • All (50) Wars complete: Unknown