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Drug Wars is a side mission in GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony. In these side missions, Luis Lopez helps his friends Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas in build up their drug empire, by stealing it from other drug gangs in a variety of ways. There are 50 drug wars, similar to TLAD's Gang Warfare introduced to Luis by Armando Torres after completing the mission Corner Kids. Their starting locations are marked on the map by pill icons. They become progressively more difficult, but the money earned increases as well. Every 10 Drug Wars completed gives the player a respawning weapon in Luis Lopez' Northwood Apartment. Completing 25 Drug Wars will raise raises the player's completion percentage.

Drug Wars enemies

There are 5 different gangs Luis and the other will attempt to rob. Each of these gangs drive their vehicles with unique paintjobs usually reminiscent of the gang's colours.

Drug War Variations

  • Hijack: These missions require the player to steal a stationary drug loaded vehicle, often located within a drug gang's compound. These often require the player to eliminate the drug gang in order to safely steal the vehicle.
  • Convoy: These missions require the player to steal a moving drug vehicle, normally only protected by the car's passengers. These are the easiest of the missions, but the player must take care not to destroy the vehicle, otherwise the drugs are destroyed with it, failing the mission.
  • Stickup: These missions require the player to crash a drug deal between two gangs. The player must obtain a gang's drugs, and optionally the other gang's money with the drugs in a duffel bag carried by one of the gang, in their compound. The player must eliminate the gang one by one until the drugs are dropped, and continue to kill enemies until the one carrying the money meant of the deal drops it, which Armando or Henrique will comment on. On harder missions the dealers will attempt to escape, and if they do, the mission is failed.
  • Stash: These missions require the player to steal a gang's drug stash, which is located within their perimeter.

All types will involve the gang chasing the player whilst driving to the drop off point. If the player moves too far from the drugs, or the dealers holding the drugs escape, the mission is failed.

Also, on rare occasions, the drugs can sometimes seem to have nobody guarding them. However, this turns out to be a police sting, and the player must evade a two-star wanted level.


  • Once you have the drugs, immediately leave the scene and return the drugs. There is no bonus for killing the remaining gang members, and continuing to fight may attract police attention.
  • If things get too heated after you have the drugs, you can leave without Armando and Henrique. After you get far enough away, they will spawn in a car behind you and follow. They'll even fire at pursuing enemies.
  • The Cavalcade that spawns in the beginning of each individual mission is incredibly tough; it can stand an insane amount of gunfire, which is useful for dealing with enemies that are chasing and firing at you.


Completing Drug Wars will reward Luis with weapons which will spawn at his safehouse.

  • 10 Wars completed: A Pistol .44 spawns on the table of Luis' safehouse.
  • 20 Wars completed: An Advanced Machine Gun (M249) spawns in the kitchen of Luis' safehouse.
    • 25 Wars completed: The 'Snow Queen' achievement, worth 20G is unlocked.
  • 30 Wars completed: An Automatic Shotgun, loaded with Explosive Shells, spawns in the kitchen of Luis' safehouse.
  • 40 Wars completed: Sticky Bombs spawn in Luis' safehouse.
  • All 50 Wars completed: A Gold SMG spawns in Luis' safehouse.

NOTE: weapons will only spawn after certain storyline missions has been completed.


  • Both Armando and Henrique call Luis "pyscho" during these missions.

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