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Drugs is an important thing in the GTA series.Drugs are usually mentioned in missions and are suppose to look over or ambush drug deals.Adrenaline in the GTA III era games were sometimes mentioned as drugs by GTA fans,there was also a deleted feature where in GTA San Andreas Carl Johnson would be able to smoke weed which would make the camera move around making hard to control CJ. In the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars the protagonist Huang Lee can control stocks of drugs and buy them and sell them to other drug dealers which is a good way to make money,There are 6 stocks of drugs the player can deal Coke, Heroine, Downers, Acid, Weed, and Ecstasy.Also in GTA Vice City Stories you could make buisness as a front for selling drugs.You could sell drugs in GTA Vice City while driving the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory truck.