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File:Drusilla's (GTA4).jpg
Drusilla's storefront.
Featured in Grand Theft Auto IV
Locations At the intersection of Feldspar St & Denver Ave in Little Italy, Algonquin, Liberty City.

Drusilla's is a Italian restaurant located at the intersection of Denver Ave and Feldspar Street in Little Italy, Algonquin. The restaurant pays protection to the Ancelotti Family. Ray Boccino gives jobs to protagonists Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz at this restaurant. The restaurant is featured in the website www.peepthatshit.com as well as in the Grand Theft Auto IV manual. The restaurant can be visited on a date or outing with a friend.

You can get inside the restaurant by accessing the FIB BUFFALO cheat. The car has to appear inside the restaurant, as you can see it through the glass. Then just go near the glass and press Y/Enter. You should be in the restaurant. But there's not much to it anyway, it's not like it appears in cutscenes. Just some space and a table.