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*[[Burger Shot]] (Carson Street, [[Beechwood City]])
*[[Burger Shot]] (Carson Street, [[Beechwood City]])
*Car Wash (Tutelo Avenue, [[Beechwood City]])
*Car Wash (Tutelo Avenue, [[Beechwood City]])
*Homebrew Café

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For the vehicle in GTA IV, see Dukes (car).
File:Queens NYC.JPG
Queens in New York City

Dukes is a borough of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. Its real-life archetype is Queens.

The real Queens is the largest of five boroughs in the city of New York, mostly residential, very ethnically diverse and is home to both of the city's major airports, LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Queensboro Bridge connects Queens with Manhattan (New York County). The borough of Queens is coterminous with Queens County. The Queens County borders with New York County (Manhattan), Bronx County (Bronx), Kings County (Brooklyn), and Nassau County (not part of New York City).

File:Queens Train.jpg
A train running through Queens in New York City

Places of Interest in Dukes

In East Island City, Dukes, you can find the National Union of Contemporary Arts otherwise known as NUCA.

Businesses in Dukes


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