East Beach Freeway Extension

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The East Beach Freeway Extension is a highway in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The East Beach Freeway Extension begins at an interchange with the Los Santos Freeway near Downtown Los Santos. After meeting the Los Santos Freeway, the East Beach Freeway Extension enters a depressed road cut and travels below street level where it goes until it reaches Grove Street. In between these two places, the highway has three partial exits and it also crosses under the tracks of the Brown Streak Railroad. At Grove Street, the highway raises slightly to cross over an open drainage system before heading back down to meet two two-lane roads in the neighborhood of East Beach.


This is the list of exits on the highway from East Beach to the Los Santos Freeway.

Exit #1: This is a westbound exit only. The highway provides an on and offramp for traffic on the western side of the freeway. There is no eastbound service provided here.

Exit #2: This is an eastbound exit only. The highway connects to Grove Street here via an offramp. There is no onramp for getting back on.

Exit #3: The only partial exit for both east and westbound traffic. The highway provides a westbound connection to a two-lane where if you get wasted, you can respawn there. There is a fire station near the westbound offramp and will often spawn a Fire Truck at this location. The eastbound exit is essentially an entrace and not an exit to the highway. There is a two-lane road that crosses the freeway and intersects the two-lane road that the westbound offramp connects to.

Exit #4: The only whole exit on the entire highway. The East Beach Freeway begins and terminates here. Westbound traffic can go one of two ways on the Los Santos Freeway. Southbound towards Los Santos International Airport and onto Ocean Docks. Or you can head northbound to Red County and onto Las Venturas.


Unlike most highways in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, this highway caters to residential traffic. Traffic on here is often a breeze and a quick way to get to the Los Santos Freeway in either a mission or for wherever you have to go.